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Color Of Fear Anlaysis Essay

4288 words - 18 pages

Jessica J. Ordonez
CSLG – 6145
Dr. Ceballos

Color of Fear Analysis Paper

Question #1
The 3 major themes that are highlighted in David’s utterances are the following:
1. White people are seemingly unaware of their White privilege and the fact that they are part of a group.

Throughout the video David clearly expresses that he does not feel that being white makes him any special. He finds the topic of racism “extremely exciting” because he never really understood why “they” had to cause struggle and strife and why “they” couldn’t feel happy.
And when the subject of racism was mentioned to me I found it extremely exciting ...view middle of the document...

It also appears that David has never stopped to consider what being white means to him. When asked by Victor this question he becomes defensive. The book suggests that Whites often find the question about Whiteness “quite disconcerting and perplexing.” Apparently, this occurs for one of two reasons:
1. For White people, being White is an everyday occurrence. Whites have been taught to think of their lives as “neutral, average, and ideal.”

2. Whiteness is often associated with unearned privileges. Thus, White people do not want to be seen as people who have not earned what they have. Therefore, they prefer to deny that it is in fact a privilege (Pg. 262-263).

“I never considered myself as you do. A part of an ethnic group. I think that’s what you’re looking for, and you’re not going to find that among us because we don’t look at ourselves as an ethnic group.”

Again, it is as if David does not hear himself speak. He continually denies that he is part of an ethnic or cultural group but then follows that up with a clear distinction between you and us. And if in fact being White puts them in a category of their own then it is only safe to assume that there is a unique experience that the White culture has which is different from the experience a person of color has.
“I’m trying to answer your question, Victor. And as you were asking that question I’m thinking “well, gosh, I’ve never considered myself part of a white group” (Transcript).

2. White people blame minorities for feeling the way that they do.
Throughout the video we see David shifting the blame back to the minorities in the group. He faults them for thinking the way they do and repeatedly tells them their assumptions are “unfounded.” Unfounded is a painful word. David appears to tell the minorities of the group that they have somehow made up or invented their assumptions and that there is no basis or relevance to their beliefs. Furthermore, David blames Victor and the others for hindering the development of their own success. Again, this is completely insensitive and at times cruel because the truth is that Victor and the other minorities of the group have absolutely no power to combat the prejudices and biases of society on their own.

“For years I’ve said, “why do these guys have such a problem being a color? Why can’t they just be individuals and go out and make a place for themselves?” (Transcript).

David affirms the fact that White people see the problem of racism as a person of color “problem.” David assumes that if a person of color would just get over being a person of color, he or she would be able to “go out and make a place” for him or herself. It is this type of distorted thinking that makes racism worse. The oppression being invalidated makes it all the more painful. ...

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