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Color Line Essay

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Color Line
People are beginning to raise the issue of race again, a lot of which have to do with the way others are treating and talking about America’s first black president. “What do you mean racism?” a lot of the experts cry, “America just made history by electing its first black president.” (Suggesting that this proves racism is over in America.). However big of a milestone the United States reached by electing its first black president, racism still exists heavily in America (Wallis, 2009). Conflict theory would be relevant to understanding why we, as a nation, still struggle with the issue of race and skin color despite the fact that approximately 150 years have passed since the freeing of the slaves and some 50 or more years have passed since the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the passage of civil rights legislation.
Conflict theory examines how the elites use their power to control the ...view middle of the document...

Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, said “No President has been treated like that,” to sum it up, the only President to be treated like that just happens to be black (2009). There is still a great number of racially motivated white people that did vote for President Obama and who actively contest his Presidency because he is black. This outraged radical group resides on the extreme political right of United States politics. They have never supported racial equality.(Waller, 2009). This was evident in the Dixiecrats, a radically racist group that brought attention to the southern white community views on racial issues (2002).
Then there was uproar over the President speech to the nation’s children about studying and working hard. Here in South Georgia, high school that is eight-five percent black was denied the opportunity to watch the President address to them. When confronted by angry parents, the principal claim that it would have interfered with the curriculum, although the address was aired during the school lunch period.
Those who watch the town hall meetings could see the indication of underlying racism at most of the heated town meetings this summer used rally support for the health care bill. Clearly, not all that was there or all those that were against the health care bill were a racist, but some clearly were. A vast majority of attacks on the President are racially motivated. Racism is usually about disrespect, such as with the “birthers” movement, who set off a controversy about the President birth certificate (2009).

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