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Color Imagery Essay

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Color imagery; also known as color symbolism is a literary tool that refers to the meaning associated with a certain color. The color symbolizes a feeling or meaning. Author’s use color imagery to help the reader reference the feeling or meaning. In literature it is an object or reference used to provide meaning to the writing beyond what is essentially being described. It can be restrained or obvious, used cautiously or strong. An author may repeat the same object to communicate a deeper meaning or might use distinctions of the same object to produce a mood or feeling.
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When nature receives its first gold, she has already accepted that she can’t hold on to it and she says that it will not last.
Spring and All, written by William Carlos Williams in 1923 uses a number of different colors to reiterate meanings. Blue frequently indicates femininity, life, and purity. Blue can also symbolize peace, calm, stability, security, loyalty, sky, water, and cold. Williams uses brown to describe muddy fields and dead leaves. Brown symbolizes the ideas of earth, hearth, home, the outdoors, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort. In the poem red is referred to as reddish. The color red represents many things; from blood, to love.  It may symbolize strong emotions, excitement, energy, speed, strength, danger, passion, life and vitality. Red also signifies the color of the sun: a symbol of energy. Williams uses the color purple in reference to trees and brush. Purple symbolizes spirituality, mystery, wisdom, enlightenment and mourning. The poem talks about the life around you as a humble daily experience....

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