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Colonialism And Imperialism In Nectar In A Sieve

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Imperialism in Nectar in a Sieve  


The characters in the book Nectar in a Sieve had to deal with Western imperialism and they had to adapt to the changing ideas associated with Western imperialism. Throughout the book Rukmani had to struggle with her beliefs and how to cope with these changes. From the beginning Rukmani coped with these changes, from culture to her way of life, until the end of the book where even then her life was not through being changed.

In the first instance Rukmani had to deal with a husband that was several castes below her. Usually if the woman was below the man she could probably do the work that he does, being used to the labor that is. ...view middle of the document...

Although Rukmani’s sons lost their jobs they soon began to learn the white man’s ways, which led them to abandon the only home they knew of and venture into the city.

Eventually Rukmani and her husband had to leave their home because their landlord decided to sell the property that they were renting. Their one son, Murugan, had left for the city and they had been hoping that he would take care of them. When they arrived, they discovered that he had skipped town, and deserted both his family and job. Rukmani and her husband, upon befriending a beggar child, knew not what to do about money. Being from a small town, money was only used in emergencies when they were short of food, needed to buy seed, or for some other necessary reason. Although they would buy the children goodies, such as candy, or fireworks, upon entering city life they soon discovered that money was for more than just necessity, an Rukmani was soon introduced to the western idea of materialism. After she went on a spending spree, she realized that some powerful force had taken control of her. She soon realized what everyone in the modern world would be trapped into, and that is money, and of planning for the future. “Plans, everyone had plans. They were all built on money. Save enough...

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