Colliding Of Separate Worlds Essay

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Back in history, colonies of humans like the Indians, Europeans, and Africans lived by themselves in other parts of the Earth. They had never seen nor heard each other before in their life time. Christopher Columbus was the main reason the Old World and New World were brought together. In addition to this, the impact from the Indians, Europeans, and Africans when their colonies collided were international trade, deadly diseases and slavery.
The Europeans found the discovery of the New World, consisting of North America and South America, from wanting to increase in power, wanting contact with a wider world, and for trading or conquest. Europeans came from the Old World consisting of ...view middle of the document...

Corn later on, ended up feeding the entire Old World. Three-fifths of the crops in the Old World were originated in the Americas. Crops like potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, tobacco, beans, vanilla and chocolate were also traded out of the Old World. Maize, manioc, and sweet potatoes also helped feed the Africans so they did not go into slavery for food. To get fair trade, the Indians wanted food and animals that were from the Old World. From the Old World, the Europeans brought the Indians wheat, sugar, rice, coffee, horses, cows, and pigs. Horses helped transportation of the Indians making it able for them to travel farther faster. Horses also made it easier for the Indians like the Apaches to hunt for shaggy buffalo.
When the Old World and New World collided, it wasn’t intently good. The international trade changed the way of living in a good way but it also caused problems in both worlds. Deadly diseases were carried over seas that made people like the Europeans, Indians, and Africans to go extinct. In the New World a long time ago, Indians had experienced the diseases like smallpox, yellow fever, and malaria. Their bodies had fought off these diseases and the maladies died off after that. Without the illnesses still being around, Indians protective antibodies went away. When the Old World came to the New World, they brought over smallpox, yellow fever, and malaria and other diseases like measles, bubonic plague, influenza, and typhus. Causing Indians like the Taino natives to wipe out from one million people to two hundred people. Germs spread among the New World just like speed and force of a tornado. The Indians weren’t entirely happy about going extinct. Indian slaves put blood onto their master’s bread but it had little effect. The big effect that was put on the Europeans was a disease called syphilis....

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