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College Wedding Essay

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College Wedding

1. Given the activities and precedence relationships, our network diagram is in the attached file which title name is the "project part A, before crash."
2. The critical path is in the 2nd page of attached file which title name is "project part A, before crash".
3. Given the following plan Miss Jackson can not have her wedding.
although the main resources (Father, Mother, Mary) are allocated effectively the final fitting can not be completed by the rehearsal night. So order and receive material for the wedding dress should be crashed to reduce time of the critical path.
although choosing and order invitations, addressing and ...view middle of the document...

2)According to our "project part A" we called Jane on 31st of March and it took 10 days her to come. So she came from Guetamala 9th of April. In part B even though the several commitments she came here 10th of April. As a result no need to be panic because no important changes have occurred according to plan A.
3)3. According to our plans mother was preparing the guest list when she came down with the four-day flu her job could not completed in 4 days, so her job elongated to 8 days. In our project B father makes addressing and mailing so he had to wait for her wife to complete guess list.
4)In part A we did not guess that the lace and the materials were lost so sewing started on 8th of April after the crash. But when the materials were lost the notice came on 10th of April so sewing started on 18th of April and final fitting done by 30th of April. According to that plan B it became the critical path and we crashed the "order and receive the material, final fitting, sewing activities" in that path.
5)In part A the catering notice gets in 14 days but because of fire, it delayed 3 days so notice gets in 17 days.
Project B

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