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College Tuition Cost Essay

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Will The Price Go Up?

How many years will it take for colleges to set tuition cost at an affordable rate for all students? Higher education is an opportunity in social advancement, yet the cost of college is a barrier that many struggle to get through. In recent years the cost of college has risen 6.5% in the 2008-09 school year. The recent rise in college tuition and fees has made it difficult for students to reach their goal of having a higher education.
It is difficult to graduate from college in four years when there are so many barriers holding back students. Higher education is a goal students strive for, yet students hit a road block when it comes to the cost of attending college. Not all students have the privilege of receiving financial aid, which is ...view middle of the document...

The recent rise of college tuition leads students to acquire a debt in student loans. Students have begun using the loans as a last resort to paying for college. This issue has led “seven in 10 seniors to graduate with student loan debt” (Ellis 1). The loans have helped students pay for college, but the debt of these loans “pile up on Americas college graduates” (Ellis 1). These problems won’t stop any time soon as both “Private and public universities are planning to increase tuition dramatically” (Update: College Tuition Cost 6). Colleges have become areas of “the wealthy, with a growing number of lower income families unable to pay stratospheric cost” (Update: College Tuition cost2).
This issue affects not only the student but also the school “students taking longer to graduate” (Colleges Pushing Students to Avoid Extended Stays2). This problem rises due to the fact that students can’t pay for school “College across the country have been hiking up tuition and fees” (Ellis1). Students are left taking fewer classes prolonging their graduation. This problem benefits and affects colleges because the school is getting revenue from the students no matter how long he takes to graduate, but also students taking longer to graduate affect other students trying to get into college.
College tuition and fees have been increasing in recent years making college not affordable to all students. Higher education is a goal that many high school students want to achieve, yet the recent rise of tuition is affecting those goals. These financial barriers are difficult to overcome due to the fact that not all the students can afford to pay for college. Colleges need to have a standard tuition rate, so students can graduate on time.

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