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College Stress Essay

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Elijah Roberts
Mrs. Hoag
Research & Writing
13 October 2014

Stress: In Collegiate Student Athletes

Most students who graduate high school go on to continue their education at a College or University. Students who are talented enough also play at sport at their college. With the overwhelming workload that student athletes face in college, along with their commitment to sports can cause an immense amount of stress in their life. Stress is an emotional or mental strain put on the body and mind from demanding circumstances. As opposed to the traditional college student, student athletes have more pressure on them. About 400,000 student athletes participate in athletic ...view middle of the document...

Due to a recent study, “ Over 10% of college athletes suffer from psychological and physiological problems that are severe enough to require counseling intervention (Horng Lu, 225-226).”
“According to the American College Health Association's 2012 survey of college students, the one greatest health obstacle to college students' academic performance was academic stress”(Brogaard). Having to balance playing a sport in college and also staying on top of your schoolwork can lead to a very hectic lifestyle. Being a student athlete in college is not only time consuming, but also one of the biggest commitments they will make in their entire life. For a student athlete to be successful not only do they have to balance schoolwork and their prospective sport, but also endure the physical and mental stress that comes along the way.
A typical student athlete’s day form start to finish is usually filled with work whether it’s on the field or in the classroom. Usually beginning with morning workouts or practice, then a mixture of more practice, class, and studying, a student athlete can have a hectic schedule. At the end of that day, the student athlete will most likely be tired and must mentally prepare for the following day, which will consist of the same thing.
Since academics are viewed as the number one concern for all student athletes, a majority of the stress that they face relate to their academic success. With most students having scholarships on the line, performing well in the classroom is an absolute must. In a study done with male and female student athletes, “95% of male athletes and 86% of female athletes were stressed by factors such as: tests and examinations, preparing papers for class, missing classes because of travel, and making up missed assignments (Chan 228).” According to statistics, it is clear that a good amount of student athletes are unprepared for the academic portion of college due to the pure fact that they have such a big commitment to their sport. The stress also has shown to lead to negative relationships with their professors, classmates, teammates and coaches.
A student athlete’s overall commitment to their sport is easily their second priority while they’re in college. It is already known that playing a sport in many cases can serve as a stress reliever, but for serious collegiate athletes, playing a sport at such a competitive level can be very counterproductive in terms of relieving stress. When it comes to away games, all student athletes deal with traveling during their season, making it challenging for students to meet their academic goals. With having to deal with maintaining a certain grade point average depending on the school, and performing at your highest level possible, student athletes often feel very overwhelmed. The athletes are required to make up any missing assignments, tests and still make normal deadlines.
A major concern for many student...

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