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College Life Essay

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**Part #1 violent video games and their effects on children source list**

Book #1: Grand Theft childhood
Author Kunter Lawerence
Book: Grand Theft childhood
City of publication: New York

Book #2: Violent video games and their effects of children and adolesents
Authors: Craig Anderson, Douglas Gentile, Katherine Buckley
Book: Violent video games and their effects of children and adolescents
City of publication: New York

Part #1 questions:
What did you know about this topic before you started your research?
Before I started this project I knew little to nothing about violent video games and how they were linked to violent behaviors and school shootings.

Why were you interested in this topic to begin with?
I was really interested in choosing this topic because I really enjoy playing video games and when I saw this topic I felt like a lot of people feel differently about if ...view middle of the document...

How is the media and movies affecting the advertisement of violent games?
Media, movies, and music all have several ways they shape how kids feel about certain things (Video game commercials make the games look so cool and the company’s know how to get inside the teens heads)

Do parents play a role in any of this?
I believe parents play a big part in the whole aspect of what teens play and watch (look into the yellow journal and explain)

Part #2 questions:
How did you conduct your research during this project?
To start off conducting my research I looked up some information on the computers in the library
About how many examples of things fall under this topic and how others feel about them then I checked out 2 popular books on this topic and scanned the books and the web for facts and examples.

How did you go about finding and collecting information for this information from your sources? (Describe your research project. What did u look at first? Second? Than third?)
First I went to the library to take notes on the different shootings and famous people linked to this topic (look in the yellow journal for names and shooting lists.) Second I took my information and looked for books only to that event or name to get more information on that person or event. Last I matched up all the information so I could understand it better

What was the most helpful information?
The most helpful information was looking in the library under the video game/school shooting section and comparing books to see which ones have the most information.

What was the least helpful information?
The least bit of helpful information was looking on random websites trying to find fast facts most of the things I was finding weren’t correct or were mostly out of date.

What problems did you have during your research? (Explain the problems and how you solved them.)
Some problems I encountered during my research would be that when I was looking for bits of information the links I had weren’t saved so all the info was starting to get scattered and wasn’t starting to match up.

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