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College Essay

636 words - 3 pages

Kimberly Gerry
Mrs. Esposito p.4
September 15 2015
College essay
Six Thousand two hundred and ten days is how long it took me to realize and appreciate how unbelievably lucky I am to have my mother. Having seven children running around, keeping up with dishes and piles of laundry everywhere would make you think that such a person wouldn't have any time on their hands but, somehow she always managed to mentor and teach me new things everyday. She’s the type of person who you imagine having eight arms or eyes in the back of her head, going to PTA meetings for all of us, conferences and managing a job at the school just made her more prepared to come home to of us. Growing up with such an inspiring person, I managed to get some of her best qualities like her love for travel, knowledge, books, and giving time for those ...view middle of the document...

To know a city like it's my home, the climate, and the language without ever visiting is an amazing thing.
While I cherished the love of traveling and reading qualities passed on to me, I mostly treasured the quality of knowing how to give back, starting at only nine my mother dragged my siblings and I down to the church to look for community service jobs, at the time this idea of my mother's was extremely underappreciated, I never saw the value of picking up trash, cleaning up graveyards, or feeding the homeless, until years after my mother had forced us to accompany her to (what she thought was) the poorest dirtiest part of my state. I turned 15 that year, that day I had realized what all this community service or “dirty work” (as my siblings and I called it) was actually leading to. Giving back to the community was always a chore for me for so long but, my eyes were opened that day to heartache, hunger, and the saddest eyes, never once have I not appreciate a hot meal on the table every night, the things I own or the love from my family since that day.
Of course my mother never got the recognition she deserved for all the outstanding things she has achieved with her kids or just me alone.
While the rare experiences I have encountered due to my mother have been wonderful, I have learned to cherish them more by watching her. She has impacted my life with all her stories, experiences, knowledge, creativity, passion, and love for others. Though it took me 17 years to realize every moment I spent with her was taken for granted, thinking I’ll just see her everyday for the rest of my life was obviously not a real situation, but through what she has taught me I understand that wherever I am I will always be a part of my mother in everything I do. My life will forever be transformed. I treasure every last thing she has ever taught me and I know that anywhere I go I will do remarkable things thanks to my mother.

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