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College Basketball Essay

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College BasketballFreshman eligibility in any sport comes with its price to pay. However, when colleges sort through the thousands of applicants each school year, they do not take into consideration the toll the students' freshman year will have; they accept students because of their prior performance and potential. Yet when athletes are given scholarships to play sports, Dean Smith wants the student-athletes to sit out their freshman year. Throughout his essay, Dean Smith appeals to logic, generalizes about student-athletes, and contradicts himself while trying to provide evidence that freshman eligibility impairs the careers of future professional players. As a result, his essay is not effective in arguing its point.Smith's essay begins with a call to logic on the ...view middle of the document...

Not every college basketball or football team is constantly televised or replayed over and over on sport shows. Rural colleges need every year of experience they can get because their athletes cant get better without playing.Smith also uses cause and effect in his essay to change eligibility. By sitting out a year, Smith states that it would tend to validate the institution's admission and academic-performance standards. Put very simply, Smith believes that more time for study will result in higher grades and better academic productivity.Finally, Smith tone, not as serious as one would expect a college professor to have, suggests that perhaps a freshman year without sports would be a luxury not a necessity. In his sentences he uses words like "should" and "would" while using phrases like "the desirable balance" and "probably can manage".Although Smith may have valid points, his generalizations about athletes are left unfinished. He fails to mention any other sports besides basketball and football, and also does not include any women's sports in his ineligibility plea.Another area he leaves unmentioned is any proof of grades for students who have sat out a year vs. those who haven't. This lack of numerical comparison weakens his argument and suggests that his essay is more opinion oriented than factual.In conclusion, by leaving out women, other collegiate sports, and the reality that not all college athletes are the next Michael Jordan or Dan Marino, Smith's essay on removing freshman eligibility is not effective in arguing its point. By eliminating freshman sports, you are sending the message "You are here as a student first and foremost". However, if it weren't for their athletic ability, colleges wouldn't be sending a message at all.

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