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College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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Dustin Davis
Mrs. Herr
English 102
12 April 2016
College Athletes Should Be Paid
Many people in the United States say that college athletes should not get paid because they already receive a scholarship. Did you know that college athletes miss quality class time to play in tournaments and televised games? What happens when that scholarship is revoked, or for the athlete that only receives a partial scholarship or not one at all? The majority of college athletes put more time into playing their sport than an employee does working a full time job. Student athletes are also core members of the University’s marketing team. How are college athletes supposed to pay for tuition and everyday ...view middle of the document...

Marc Edelman also said, “NCAA’s own tournament schedules require college athletes to miss classes for nationally televised games that bring in revenue” (“NCAA”). Colleges are putting these athletes in tournaments to bring in revenue, meanwhile, the students are missing quality class time to learn, and they do not get any additional benefits for playing in these tournaments. Hence, college athletes should be given some type of pay for the time and effort spent and for missing quality class time.
Furthermore, not all college athletes receive a full scholarship. Athletes who do not receive a full scholarship to play a sport could be setting themselves up for financial disaster. This is especially true for an athlete who comes from a low income family and does not have extra money to pay for college to begin with. These families could go in debt in a blink of an eye since college is very expensive. David Casillo, the author of The Daily Caller, said, “That a student’s family could be stuck with tuition bills for a long time” (Casillo). Many parents do not want this long term financial burden. For this reason, a student should receive some type of pay to help with college tuition and expenses. To continue, a scholarship does not always come easy. Many student athletes do not get a free ride to attend school, so they have to work twice as hard to get into a school of their likings. For those who have a scholarship and it is revoked, it could be hard to get into a new school. David Casillo continues to say, “Kyle Hardrick and his family has been stuck with tuition bills since his scholarship was not renewed. And with those bills unpaid, he cannot get his academic transcripts from Oklahoma to transfer to another school” (Casillo). This could be a real issue for a student who wants to go onto another school after a scholarship has been revoked or not renewed. In cases like this, the student athlete should get some type of compensation so he or she can pay for the expenses that would have been covered if they still had the scholarship. There is a solution to this problem that some lawsuits are trying to fix. “Kyle Hardrick lawsuit’s goal is to make schools offer multiyear scholarships instead of year-to-year arrangements” (Casillo). This would benefit many student athletes, knowing they will have a scholarship for a couple of years. To conclude, being compensated for playing a college sport would significantly help any student who does not have a full scholarship or those who have had their scholarship revoked or not renewed.
Continuing, college athletes put more hours in a week than a lot of employees working a full time job. With the amount of hours required for a college athlete to prepare and play their sport, there is simply not adequate time to get a job to cover the day to day expenses. According to LaShauna Jones, the author of On The Ball Sports, stated a fact saying “For a student athlete, they spend at least 15-20 hours a week practicing,...

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