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College Ahletes Should Not Be Paid

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Tyler Allen
Mr. Burford
Jr. Comp.
15 May 2014
College Athletes Should Not be Paid
College sports are entertaining and fun to watch but we may have a problem with these sports. Many college athletes are speaking out in protest. These athletes want to be paid for playing. This is not just a problem for one sport; athletes from many different sports are speaking out. College athletes receive enough benefits from their university for playing sports. These benefits make up for none of the payment. Athletes should not be paid because colleges would not be able to afford paying athletes, athletes already receive compensation when they accept many benefits, and college athletes are broadcasted ...view middle of the document...

One of the biggest reasons athletes should not be paid is that colleges wouldn’t be able to afford paying them. Almost every year, less than ten percent of colleges and universities are able to make a profit by the end of their sports seasons (Miller). Most universities have multiple sports that they don’t make money on. In 2012, only twenty-three of 228 athletic departments were able to cover their own expenses (Panciocco). People then want these universities to pay their players when they don’t even make enough money to cover their own expenses. Most people think colleges and universities make millions of dollars off college sports. They do not account for the sports that do not receive much attention like soccer, wrestling, and swimming. Those sports cost money too, but do not bring in near as much as football or basketball. The revenue that is collected from T-shirt, ticket sales, and concessions goes toward travel costs, uniforms, and field maintenance (Panciocco). These necessary costs take up part of the funds. None of those costs include the salaries of the coaching staff or athletic trainers. People need to face the fact that college sports are expensive.
In addition to colleges not being able to afford paying athletes, college athletes already receive compensation when they accept their scholarships. Even if athletes don’t receive full ride scholarships, they receive more than the average academic scholarship covers (Block). The average academic scholarship pays the student $5,060 while the average athletic scholarship covers $10,400. All of the scholarships are then renewable for the four years that athletes would be in college as long as they keep playing their sport (Miller). Some of these scholarships even cover tuition, fees, room, board, and textbooks in addition to the actual cost of the players’ educations (Block).
Some universities even offer their players preferred housing, which means they can choose which building they want to stay in and which floor. On top of all those benefits, athletes get free tutoring services, free travel expenses, free merchandise, and equipment (Miller).These things really work out in the athletes favor, because they receive all these things to play the sport they love.
College athletes have never been paid to play their sports. How should it be decided how much a player is worth? There is no way to make a system of payment fair. Larger universities would be able to get any athlete they wanted if they offered enough money. Although many...

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