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College Essay

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Incarceration Rates
I. INTRODUCTION - I am going to focus on the different incarceration rates between African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians and what factors play into these rates. I will then switch to my home town (St. Louis) and focus on crime that surrounds me day in and day out. In 2010 St. Louis was named “The most Dangerous City in America”, and I plan to research what labeled them with this title and what they are going to do to try and reverse this title for the future.

A. African American Incarcerated
1. Factors that contribute to incarceration
2. Judges and Attorneys that play a role in sentencing in African American cases
3. Examples of cases with ...view middle of the document...

With some determination and perseverance you can break any mold that our ancestors left behind.
According to, Black males have the highest incarceration rate out of the 2.1 million American in Jail or Prison at 35.4%. There are many factors that play in to this rate like gangs, drugs, violence and weapons. Due to a large amount of Black growing up in an inner city house hold, poverty or in a high violence city they are more prone to enter into this lifestyle and end up behind bars. These children wake up and go to sleep seeing nothing but violence they are easily influenced at a young age to do what you see and not what is morally correct. Another factor that plays a big factor in the incarceration rate is that black families have the highest rate of single parent homes at 66% (National KIDS COUNT Program, 2012) The majority of these families are single mothers struggling to make ends meet and to take care of the parenting responsibility. Since they are trying to make ends meet the lack on their parenting duties and in return children rebel and take over the household and run ramped as they please.
The next highest incarcerated race in the Caucasian male population at 32.9% (, 2012) . reported that young, black and Latino males (especially if unemployed) are subject to particularly harsh sentencing compared to other offender populations. Black and Latino defendants are disadvantaged compared to whites with regard to legal-process related factors such as the “trial penalty,” sentence reductions for...

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