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Why factor that cause the collapse of the USSR?

On Christmas Day on 1991,Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as the president of USSR and
announced that USSR from then on was not going to existed anymore. Except the US
president Reagan, very few people predict the collapse would happened. Evidences prove that
the break-up of the USSR was intended and also out of Gorbachev’s expectations. After
Brezhnev died. There were lots of problems left to Gorbachev. There were mainly two
problems: Economy crippling and severe relationship with the US and eastern European
countries.Gorbachev actually had a specific goal to improve USSR’s development by using
Perestroika and Glasnost.However, those two ...view middle of the document...

Since the wages were
dependent of the output, in order to made the biggest profit, the local government factories
increased sharply to produce the expensive consumer goods, and reduced the production of
cheaper goods. However, the over amount of expensive goods was unnecessary,the serious
excessiveness happened. There was no profit at all. Moreover, Tax revenues was even declined
because republic and local governments withheld tax revenues from the central government
under the growing spirit of regional autonomy. Therefore, the government’s budget was in
deficit.Basic goods were in very short supply.Under these conditions, the general quality of life
for the Soviet people didn't get better but deteriorated.. By the late 1980s, Public
dissatisfaction with economic conditions was much more overt than ever before in the Soviet
period which contributed to the final collapse of the USSR. Gorbachev initially intended as
tools to bolster the Soviet economy,but the policies of perestroika soon led to unintended
consequences which led to the fall.

The other policies which was Glasnost also contributed the USSR downfall but it was didn't
realized by the Western’s capitalist countries which made the USSR collapse also being
unintended. The Second of goal which was going. According to historian Allan
Todd,Gorbachev did set out a deliberately action on ending the cold war. That was his second
goal which stopped the arm races and made the political accommodation to improve the
relationship between US hardline. Through Glasnost, he allows people in governments and
citizens to have public speaking or criticizing. Also, he undermined USSR’s power in Warsaw
Pact and told those countries to find a new path of development rather than replying on USSR.
The Demokratizitsiya he implemented even allowed people to have freedom of voting and
control the government. This was pleased by the US and the Détente on arms races was
tentatively stopped by Reagan. Foreign countries were willing to see the “ideology
transformation” of Soviet Union so they began to accept them.However, it was criticise by the
capitalism hardliners in USSR. The Warsaw Pact countries, they were use to anti communism
started from Brezhnev’s strict control so once Gorbachev weaken the satellites control states.

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