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Collaborative Writing Essay

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November 16th 2010

Editing Yourself and Others
Collaborative Writing Project

Written By
Victoria Sackett
Vic Lua
Kjersten Than

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Collaborative writing, or writing in groups, is a method of writing that can achieve results faster and more efficiently than writing independently. Our team interviewed several professionals to gather their perspective on writing in a group environment. We were able to obtain the pros and cons of writing in a group as well as some advice to those new to the process. Our results are presented this report, which is itself an example of collaborative writing.

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For example, interviewee Irene dislikes having to wait for an email or online reply when she is reliant on others. The solution for this dilemma is not always apparent, but working

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on collaborative writing takes time and patience and the positive points such as greater ideas generated through brainstorming, peer revisions, and distribution of labor outweigh the negative.

 Another common obstacle per our interviews reflects that most people are accustomed to writing independently. Since “he has been doing this for years,” interviewee Phil is confident and comfortable with his work. Several of the interviewed individuals commented that this obstacle can usually be overcome when participants realize that working with others improves the writing by allowing for feedback and dialogue during the brainstorming and writing process.

 Lastly, participants who are not generally comfortable with writing may feel overwhelmed and bring a tension to the group. Whether from unease or inexperience, this problem can be difficult to address. In order to succeed in the...

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