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Collaborative Marketing Plan Essay

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Collaborative Marketing Plan
Sony Corporation
Group 3

Collaborative Marketing Plan
Sony Corporation

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 2
2. Company Description 2
3. Strategic Focus and Plan 3
Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
4. Situation Analysis 5
SWOT Analysis
Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Company Analysis
Customer Analysis
5. Market-Product Focus 10
Marketing and Product Objectives
Target Markets
Points of Difference
6. Marketing Program 11
Product Strategy
Price Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Place Strategy
7. Financial Data and Projections 16
Past Sales Revenue
Five-Year ...view middle of the document...

In addition to electronics, Sony Corporation is an entertainment company that pioneers in motion pictures, music, and financial services.
Many subsidiary companies exist under Sony Corporation including Sony Electronics Inc. which is the largest component of Sony Corporation of America. Sony Electronics Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, CA and is the holding company for Sony's U.S. based electronics and entertainment businesses. Sony Electronics is currently in the process of developing a new product called Tracker Stickers and is very excited about the future success of these innovative, high-quality products.

3. Strategic Focus and Plan
Sony has the vision to lead the AV/IT industry by providing the most cutting edge innovations in all emerging and existing markets. Sony prides itself in leading the industry as a benchmark setter for research and development, while providing products at the most economical price for consumers. Part of the mission and vision of Sony is to dominate the market by streamlining its global operations in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize profits for the shareholders. The new comprehensive marketing and management strategy will focus on five main initiatives in order to achieve Sony’s mission to be the leader in the technology industry and provide the most return for both customers and stakeholders. The five initiatives focus on aggressively strengthening Sony’s core technological and business areas, significantly improving the technology and profits for the television business, growing in emerging markets, developing new areas of business and increasing the rate and quality for innovation development and restructuring the company’s business and financial management for greater efficiency and resource utilization. Sony believes that the new direction will accelerate and elevate the company’s position in the AV/IT industry ahead of its competition.
Company Goals
As a company, we have both financial and non-financial goals. Quite simply put, financially, our goal is growth. The last fiscal year, ending March 2012 reflected hard hits, but true innovation is the key. We strive to not only grow our company, but the electronics business as well. We want our innovation to inspire the world around us that is how we can meet our goals. It is integration and entertainment that we want to use to inspire. We want our growth to be just that, but also strength. We aim for sales of 8.5 trillion yen, an operating margin in excess of 5% and a return on equity (ROE) of 10% in fiscal year 2014.
We want to improve for the world around us with our groundbreaking products and uniquely cutting edge technologies, of course, but this is not where we wish to stop extending our hand. The technological advancements we aspire to will also come with the implementation of corporate social responsibility. We want to responsible with the environment and to improve society through targeted initiatives....

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