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Collaborative Leadership White Paper

540 words - 3 pages

Collaborative Leadership
V. Lindsey
MSN 530 Organizational Systems and Behaviors
Herzing University
May 5, 2013

Today, the healthcare environment is more complex due to rapid changes and a fragmented healthcare system. This shift in healthcare has changed the structural and environmental makeup of healthcare organizations. Outcomes of organizations are highly affected by leadership. The majority of relationships that are present throughout an organizational structure involve leadership. Integrity, work ethic, communication, and compassion for others are traits of an efficient leader. A more efficient leadership approach is needed to adapt to the rapid changes and developments. In order for leaders in healthcare organizations to effectively lead and adapt to the challenges of today’s healthcare system, the use collaborative leadership is necessary. Encouraging a collaborative environment promotes ...view middle of the document...

Healthcare leaders can benefit from a better interpersonal and leadership skills. Collaborative leadership in healthcare and improve an organization in many ways. Collaborative leadership can be achieved by implementing six essential organizational capabilities.
A collaborative leader must help others, know what others need and want, and know what puts others into motion.

To become a successful healthcare organization, the implementation of strategies that build skills and individual leaders is needed. Collaborative leadership can be a powerful tool. Under collaborative leadership, individuals throughout the organization can develop the competencies that are required to lead into the future. This type of leadership can improve healthcare organizations in ways that will have a lasting effect on an organizational and individual level.

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