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Collaboration System Essay

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Isuzu Australia Limited: Implementation of collaborative systems
Mark Lewis
CIS 109
Prof. John Murnane

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) [was] responsible for marketing and distributing Isuzu trucks in Australia (Bidgoli, 2014, Pg. 250). The company, however, realized that all of their information was disseminated to the truck dealerships in outdated methods, as it utilized the manual form of delivery consuming an excessive amount of time and monetary resources. The company saw the opportunity to improve information issuance, remove errors, and greatly reduce the amount of resources being redundantly exploited. To assuage the dispute of the needless tapping of resources to ...view middle of the document...

Based upon the previous statement of how wikis are used in businesses as a useful web 2.0 technology to share knowledge and collaborate in project efforts, is natural to know that IAL has implemented the wiki for the aforementioned resolution of collaborating with business partners in decision making and sharing knowledge with dealerships and other employees on schemes of distribution and marketing of the IAL brand. However improving of the recent problem of vintage knowledge-sharing and collaborating, there are challenges to having groupware in place with a business, foremost being the operational feasibility. With new implementations there is a need to instruct users of the new groupware systems how to maneuver and effectively utilize the systems. Having a team of trained IT professionals to educate a select few employees on the manner in which to use the system could resolve this issue. The economic feasibility of having this system in place is to be considered, as well. Is it within the company’s budget to have a groupware system in place? How much money is being lost not having these systems in place? How big and effective of a system can the company have on the budget allotted for such a project implementation, is to also be considered. To resolve this problem, getting top-tier managers to understand the importance of having a system in place will get them to get on-board with a supporting budget. Creating a system that will...

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