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Collaboration And Team Dynamics Essay

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Collaboration and Team Dynamics
Team communication is important for teams, and communication is needed if the team wants to be successful. For effective dynamics, a team must communicate because this process is crucial for a healthy and effective team. There are several frustrations, misunderstandings, and questions that are addressed with the proper team communication. Team communication has been defined as the information shared in such a way that it shares more than team communication; it shares the significance of a healthy and thriving team (Papa, 2013). Overall, the significance, the function, the effects, and the considerations of team communication should be understood among the ...view middle of the document...

When working with a team it is a must to have communication between the team members. By communicating everyone should be on the same page. Completing the task at hand and everyone on the same page adds value to achieving success for the project. Understanding the team does not consist of one person completing all the work, it is unfair and unethical for one person to complete the task, while the other team members sit back and not contribute, yet receive a good grade for doing nothing.
Collaboration within a team help to create an environments in which students can learn, share, and provide their experience based on their practical knowledge that comes from their life and work experience (Dunn, 2012). As a team we all bring different assets to the group. That makes the team powerful; if one team member does not understand or is stumped with a topic, another team member can assist and provide help with the topic. That also adds success to the team, teamwork is a must. There may be conflict with the team but wanting to succeed on the project, as a team we will need to deal with the conflict and continue on with the task at hand. Dealing with conflict in a professional manner shows growth with will also show success within the project.
Key Communication Skills that Foster Effective Learning Teams
Team communication skills that foster effective learning teams are important. The team should identify the team communication because it is one of the most important elements of a successful team (Wakeling, 2013). Key communication skills that will help build an effective learning team includes honest communication, idea sharing, team objectives, regular team meetings, all team members contact information, listening to all thoughts and opinions, and leading by example are all important to team communication. When the team breaks this information down, it can be understood why these team skills are important (Wakeling, 2013).
Honest communication helps develop an open line of communication among the team members, and it will allow everyone within the team to build trust among each other. Next, sharing ideas is important as well. The team should allow everyone to provide input before, during, and after team assignments. This helps understand and show the skills that each member brings to the table. Understanding each member and how they learn is important for a team to be successful and in learning the skills of each member helps provide a higher collaboration rate. Next, team objectives are important because it builds efficiency, better ideas, morale, and talent collaboration among the team members (Kokemuller, 2013).
The objectives of the team help to build the team, because the efficiency of the team is the first concern of teams. According to Kokemuller (2013), efficiency is often contrary to other objectives that are related to results. Better ideas help the team improve on knowledge, and they show what they know. Morale is the social...

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