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Collaboration And Innovation At P & G

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Collaboration and Innovation at Procter & Gamble
Autumn J. Thorpe
National Paralegal College

Collaboration and Innovation at Procter & Gamble
Case Study Questions
1. What is Procter & Gamble’s business strategy? What is the relationship of collaboration and innovation to that business strategy?
Procter & Gamble have three main strategies these include: 1) Maintaining the need for current products. 2) Making new developments to current products. 3) Creating brand new products. Since most of P & G’s global business is centered on brand maintenance and new brand creation it’s very important that the company use collaboration and innovation technologies to ...view middle of the document...

4) InnovationNet like SharePoint allows storage of documents but in a digital format and can be search with a browser like portal. 5) Cisco TelePresence is a web based conference room so that employees across the globe can attend meetings together without the hassle and cost that comes with having to travel for meetings.
3. What problems do collaboration systems solve for P & G?
With P & G being such a large company it was always difficult and very time consuming sharing research and data. Also previously data sharing was in the hands of the sender through email not ensuring that everyone that would want access to the information would receive it. Now all info is shared on systems like SharePoint and InnovationNet allowing for all area of the business to be more productive. Such as marketing they can look at data information and know what areas they should focus new advertising on. They have also been able to cut down on costs but using services like Cisco TelePresence they are now able to have conference like meetings in a web based portal on a global basis. Decision making abilities have also been increased with data and research being instantly available at fingertips senior management can now review and make choices within a matter of minutes.
4. Why were some collaborative technologies slow to catch on at P & G?
Some of the employees had gotten so used to the way things had been done that some were hesitant on making these types of changes. Feeling like there could possibly be much more work to be done on their end. Even with some very outdated research sharing methods like printing out and pasting documents into multiple notebooks. Corporations like P & G can only benefit from all the tools that they are providing their employees if the employees are using the tools now being provided to them.
5. Compare P & G’s old and new processes for writing up and distributing the results of a research experiment.
Previously research analysts would type up their data and experiments with...

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