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Cold Rolled Steel Essay

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I want to take this opportunity to thank all the PharmEvo personals for taking the time to share their expertise and knowledge of the field during our internship experience with PharmEvo. The experience was more than i could have expected and allowed me the freedom to develop and maintain individual accounts as a professional member of the team. Working for PharmEvo helped me use the knowledge i have acquired over the past four years as a university student.




Overview of PharmEvo ...................................................................................... 3 Departmental Structural ...view middle of the document...

meters. It is located at Port Qasim, a newly developed industrial area that is about 40 km North of downtown Karachi and at half an hour drive from the PharmEvo Head Office. PharmEvo is backed by a reputable corporate group with a history of successful business ventures spreaded over 30 years. The group made its debut in 1971, with the sales and marketing of prestigious brands of consumer products. The first dream that became a reality was the group's involvement in pharmaceutical and healthcare business in 1974. This was a modest beginning, but it led to the emergence of the diversified group. PharmEvo has come a long way since its launch back in September 1999. During this short span, PharmEvo has successfully carved a niche amongst the giants of the pharmaceutical industry purely based on quality, professionalism and marketing ethics. Today, PharmEvo is being recognized as a responsible and respectable provider of quality healthcare through marketing excellence.




Departmental Structural Chart

Administration Technical Services Engineering & HSE

Quality Assurance


Supply Chain

Regulatory Affair

Quality Compliance

Production (MB & CB)

Quality Control

Except the above mention departments Finance and marketing department are also the part of PharmEvo.




Technical Services
(Responsible Person: Ejaz Hussain)
It comprises of 2 departments. 1. Validation & Documentation 2. Product Development 1) Validation & Documentation: It is further divided into 2 sub-departments: a. Documentation b. Validation a. Documentation: It deals with all the documents like BMD (Batch manufacturing department), SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), Validation protocol, Calibration record & Training Record. b. Validation: Its main function is to maintain validation of process and calibration of instruments. 2) Product Development: Its main function is in the development of new product (product new in PharmEvo). They firstly prepare a test batch of new product on a small scale. They also responsible if because of procedure any problem arises during Production.




Supply Chain
(Responsible Person: Naeem Bhojani)
What i understand a/c to that “Supply Chain is a system of organization, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customers.” In PharmEvo supply chain comprises of three departments: 1. Planning 2. Purchasing 3. Ware House 1) Planning: The role of planning department is very important. Its role starts from the beginning of product development. They lay out the whole plain for production a/c to the demand from the Marketing department. 2) Purchasing: Their role is to purchase all raw and packaging material as per requirement of planning department. 3) Ware House: Their role is in the beginning...

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