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Cohabitating Essay

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One day, two years ago, I was living with my boyfriend, and I realized that I disliked looking at our restroom. That night, the sink and the bathtub were a mess; his toiletries were not put away, and there was water around the sink. I hate filthy places and things, but I didn’t know whether my boyfriend cared or noticed it. I’m not obsessed with being sanitary, but I didn’t overlook it that night; that’s because I had cleaned everyday around the bathroom or kitchen before he used it. I could feel that I could do it for him because he probably couldn’t see it, or perhaps he forgot to clean after using it. However, he didn’t say anything even if he saw that I cleaned every ...view middle of the document...

Through those actions, I could know and feel how much he loves me. If he didn’t say anything like “I love you”, his kindness and considerable behavior made me notice satisfying love. That’s why I could imagine our future together though I hadn’t ever thought about getting married to him before cohabiting. By cohabiting, a couple can learn how the partner lives and thinks realistically, and it achieves a more profound understanding of each other.
In addition, a couple can encourage each other through understanding their differences in personalities and sharing their thoughts and feelings to bring a more deep relationship. My parents were not in love when I was a child, so they always quarreled about many things regarding their children or their different ideas about living and thinking. I remember in one of my parents’ conflicts, my brother and I were exhausted after hearing it. We told them that they could divorce if they had a lot of problems. Fortunately, their relationship has become more amicable, and they have become more close after I came to the U.S. I assumed that’s because they had their own time to share and understand one another. My mother often said to me that she hated my father because he didn’t try to understand her feelings and thoughts. However, now she tells me frequently that she is proud of my father and appreciates their relationship together. I am learning that a couple needs to make time to understand and share their thoughts or points of view. I realized through my parents how paramount it is for a couple to talk honestly.
Furthermore, mutual money management is a good practice, and they need to learn it before getting married. I heard that money is the...

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