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Cognitive Approach Compared With Other Approaches

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How does your therapy compare with the competition?

* SIT has been used effectively with individuals, couples and small groups. The technique is flexible and can be inexpensive.
* Cognitive therapies recognised that stress causes people to think illogically and in a distorted way and the maladaptive thoughts have effects on both behaviour ( which may become irrational) and emotions (which may lead to panic and feeling out of control)
* What significantly separates this approach from the rest is that it provides coping strategies AND addresses the cognitive processes and reasons for the induced stress. It is the only NON –REACTIONARY APPROACH .
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In real life, stress does not occur in this situation. Cognitive theories help an individual cope with their stress and anxiety in a way which is transferable to their everyday life.
* Social support is often already offered in an individual’s day to day life by family and peers; this proves that if the stress is not reduced via non-professional help then it is not entirely useful in combating stress and anxiety. Cognitive therapy takes a professional approach which challenges maladaptive thoughts whilst incorporating aspects of social support.
* Measuring social support relies heavily on self-report measures from the person experiencing the stress, this could be subjective as highly stressed people may not recognise or accept when social support is offered to them. Cognitive therapies have evidence such as Jaremko in the study of public speaking to prove the effectiveness of the therapy.
* The fact that cognitive therapies sometimes have a long waiting time surely highlights the effectiveness of the treatment, if people are willing to wait then the implication that the therapy is effective. In the meantime an individual can access online support from cognitive therapists.
* This technique categorises individuals coping strategies, it merely addresses how to deal with the problem head on .It does not challenge the reasons why an individual is stressed. Cognitive not only provides practical solutions but addresses the cognitive processes behind the stressor, the only way a stress can be reduced is to address the cause and work from there. Not to just mask it.

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