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Code Switching Annotated Article Essay

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Before I started my research in Code-Switching, I had very little knowledge of what code switching actually was. Through my research, I came to find that code means language; switching means alternating between. Right as I started my research, I started to notice that authors spell “code switching” in different ways. For example, they use it as two words, with a hyphen between them, or as one word. The different ways to spell code switching is a perfect example of the meaning of the word/s itself. Switching languages can mean a variety of things. As the articles I annotate below indicate, language switching can occur without notice, between dialects of a language, between different ...view middle of the document...

My co-workers were not very familiar with code switching. Their thoughts on code switching were that it was the same as being bilingual just with more depth as it can be used for more than just language. They mostly felt that code switching was an advantage, with the exception of one teacher who felt that code switching was a confusing concept. They all agreed that felt that they code switched when parents would leave the room after dropping off and picking up their children-their dialect would change from professional to casual when the parents left the classroom. With the exception of one, my co-workers expressed how using code switching in their classroom would actually be more beneficial to the kids, especially those that speak two or more languages at home. The NEIU professors were familiar with the concept of code switching. Their thoughts were that code switching has many layers. They feel that they code switch when they are outside of the NEIU facility. And finally, they felt that code switching was very complex, and they would be hesitant to incorporate it into their classrooms. Their thoughts are very much at match with my own. I feel that code switching is beneficial to younger aged students as they go through the process of learning English, especially if these students come from a multilingual background. Their knowledge of words can help them better understand the English language.
Callahan, Laura. (2004). Spanish/English Codeswitching in a written corpus. Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Co.
Callahan’s first chapter, “Codeswitching: Form and function”, is an excellent basic introduction to code switching. It is very useful for anyone interested in starting to learn about the subject. She talks about borrowing and code switching in languages, and the debates around those issues. The differences between metaphorical, situational, and conversational code switching are explained. She also includes a sociolinguistic analysis of code switching. She shows relatively detailed knowledge of language and grammar based upon some of the subjects discussed. She further explains that Bilingualism enables minority speakers to take in the benefits of majority code speakers. One of the issues of code switching is that individuals who engage in it may be rejected by majority and minority code purists. Also, many outsiders assume incorrectly that since an individual may belong to a minority culture, they automatically speak the minority code.  This is often not the case though, as there are many minorities who speak only, or primarily, the majority code. The author claims that the act of code switching dismisses both English and Spanish monolingualism.
Alvarerz-Cáccamo, Celso. (1998). From ‘switching code’ to ‘code-switching’. In Peter Auer(Ed.), Code-switching in conversation: Language, interaction and identity (pp. 22-48). New York: Routledge.
This article provides a historical analysis and a discussion of the evolution of code...

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