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Code Of Ethics Paper

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Code of Ethics Paper
Jody Long
HCS 435
June 21, 2010
Bob Vella

Code of Ethics Paper
The code of ethics is a list of rules and policies that is used to get acceptable behavior from members of a group, association, or profession. Each organization has its own code of ethics to work by. Not only does a code of ethics help with the confidence in the organization but also can show that members are committed to the ethical guidelines that are set before them. The code of ethics usually starts with a section that sets the purpose, aspirations, and goals of the organization. [ (Smith, 2010) ]
American Nurses Association Code of Ethics
The American Nurses Association was started in ...view middle of the document...

[ (American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, 2002) ]
Five Ethical Principles of the ANA
The first ethical principle of the American Nurses Association is Nonmaleficence, or do not harm, which is directly linked to the nurse’s duty to protect the safety of their patients. This principle basically says we do not cause injury to our patients. The principle of nonmaleficence is considered before a new procedure is tried on a patient. The nurses asked their selves will this harm my patient and then they should go talk to the patient and the patient’s family and ask them the same question. Nurses should always inform the patient and family of the harm beforehand not after or during the harm is being done.
The next principle that the American Nurses Association uses is beneficence. There are three forms of beneficence that require taking action by helping they are: preventing harm, removing harm and promoting good. The principle of beneficence may rise an ethical issue when conflict between what is good between nurse and patient, between patient and organizations. Most of the nurses agree in this principle that a patient’s good comes before the organization’s or nurse’s good, nurses often confuse what is good for the patient with what the nurse believes is good for the patient.
The third ethical principle is autonomy, means that individuals have a right to self-determination, that is, to make decisions about their lives without interference from others.
The fourth ethical principle is justice. Justice means giving each person or groups what he/she or they are due. It is talking about terms of fairness, equality, need or any other criterion that is material to the justice decision. An example that would meet the ethical principle of justice is a nurse would receive better benefits and better salaries for working harder and longer instead of working for nothing extra.
The fifth ethical principle talks about the privacy and confidentiality that a person has. Privacy belongs to each person and it should not be taken away from any person unless he/she wishes to share it. Confidentiality, on the other hand means that the information shared with other persons will not be shared with any one else and will be used only for the purposes intended. [ (Mary Cipriano Silva & Ruth Ludwick, 1999) ]
Grievance Procedure
The grievance procedure is a step by step process a nurse must follow to get his or her complaint addressed satisfactorily. In this process, the formal written complicit moves from one level of...

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