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Code Of Ethics For Ceylon Tv Channel

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Code of Ethics for Ceylon TV Channel (Pvt) Ltd. |
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Telecommunication is a well established and a rapidly growing industry in Srilanka. Television, as an almost 100percent penetration medium, provides an ideal platform to television viewers to involve and participate and to get updated on current events and ongoing situations.
Ceylon TV Channel (Pvt) Ltd.
Ceylon TV Channel (Pvt) Ltd. Is a privately owned, local television station in Srilanka. The channel is On-air broadcasting as a Lifestyle and Entertainment Channel.
Ceylon TV Channel's focus is on quality ...view middle of the document...

Our team consist with those who think out of the box, who have a direct interest in what is going on in and out of the country and who wish to make a positive change to the broadcast landscape.
Ceylon TV Channel hires people with a variety of talents and train them both culturally and operationally, creating a new breed of channel, one that is different, one that matters. People who appreciate excellence in management will recognize unique strengths and creative synergy. People who are young, dynamic, and professionally trained, people who can identify accurately with our target customers, with whom we share many values.
As the CEO of Ceylon TV Channel I have introduce a code of ethics to make this task easier, with more effectiveness and in an efficiency manner. Also I have appoint a supervisor with the title, “Inspector General on discipline” to inspect and maintain the code of ethics introduced.

Code of ethics that should be followed by the Ceylon TV Channel Team
For all the employees
* The new code of ethics should be Honesty practiced at all times.
* All employees must report to their work stations 10 minutes earlier and should not leave till the job is completely finished. In an emergency case that could not avoid they must repost to their senior manager and to the Inspector General on discipline.
* All employees must respect the workplace and private property of their fellows.
* No confidential Company information must ever be revealed to third parties.
* No employee may enter the private working domain of another employee (desktop, desk drawers, email, and computer documents) without express permission from their senior manager and the knowledge of the other employee who owns the specific working domain.
* No employee may withhold knowledge where the withholding of that knowledge will allow another employee to fail or otherwise suffer.
* Company property must never be taken for personal use.
* All managers should take the responsibility of the employees who works under them.
* Any employee soliciting or accepting any commission, payment, gift, service, favour or any other advantage in connection with his/her work will be immediately terminated without any compensation.
* All employees should wear decently respecting to the dress code and the presenting host mustn’t wear ant tight, short, transparent and deep cut out fits that cause unnecessary attentions and cultural issues.
* Whole Ceylon TV Channel Team should follow the industrial rules and regulations appointed by the law and the government.
* All the members should attend to the meetings called and must report to their senior manager or the Inspector General on discipline if they won’t attend, with acceptable reasons (only if it is an unavoidable reason)

The board of directors
* Each member of the board of directors will abide in all respects by Ceylon TV Channel Code of Ethics and all other rules and...

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