Code Of Ethics Conduct Coca Cola Company

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Challenges in the Global Business Environment
Code of Ethics Conduct Coca-Cola Company
Richard Bonds
Dr. J. A. Anderson, Sr.
Date May, 31 2014

Coca-Cola Company or Coke s the largest distributor of soft drinks in the world. Businesses such as Coke and other corporations set a strict code of ethics laws to live by and operate upon. This paper will illustrate the code of ethics of Coke the industry leaders and two of its partners/competitors PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper/Snapple Co. and the similarities of their ethics code for operations as American multination companies.

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Each company offering the markets different brand option and categories for a diverse market globally, each has a code of ethics and laws that are similar, but each company's code of ethics is tailored to the global markets and diversity they all operate within, such as community, markets, supplier, integrity, fiscal compliance and obligations to stock/shareholders. A look at the leader, for example, Coke incorporates an honesty policy which is a commitment throughout their operation passed down to their suppliers and distributors including a fairness and equal treatment of employees and associates policy worldwide.
Coke expects their management to comply in a very diverse market to follow cultural and ethical compliance rules set by the company. This is key element for an American company born in the South that's now a global leader in over 200 countries. The second largest distributor PepsiCo, took it even further stating their code of ethics with equal opportunity and becoming a big proponent for sexual, cultural and racial equality in the workplace. PepsiCo's CEO Indra K. No is a female of Indian decent in a male dominated industry. One of her goals as CEO was for better treatment of suppliers and workers at the lower level in countries that provide products staples for brands such as Tropicana and the other PepsiCo companies. (PepsiCo, 2012-2013) Code of conducts states "We expect our suppliers and business partners to uphold these principles as well. Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Assurance Program are tools we use to minimize the risk of human rights abuses throughout our supply chain. One thing all three companies have in common is that each code of conduct has an ethics reporting hotline for anonymous reporting from employees this they feel will help them achieve a more ethical work environment. This allows employees to be whistleblowers without consequences from co-workers. Another similarity is that each company in their ethical statement has a statement about accurate financial reporting. All three companies operate internationally and deal with difference currencies in different countries, each and every country, just like the laws of human rights are different, so it's a primary goal as a multi-national company is to report financial transaction accurately. Even though they are all multinational, the companies are still subject and are required to operate under the laws of their home country the United States. Most companies set a code of conduct to mesh with their mission statement and companies such as Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper/Snapple must operate nowadays in a more culturally diverse market. A diverse market requires cultural awareness by multi-national companies such as the three listed including either their partnership with other companies in over 100 countries. Community involvement and human rights will always be a forefront issue with any company on foreign soil.
In the code of conduct report for...

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