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Code Of Ethics Essay

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EST 310.2.1-08

Relax-Relate-Release is a locally owned small business of 30 employees. Our focus is on the wellness of your mind and core of your being. RRR has created the atmosphere of relaxation and encourages the joy of living. We offer a positive atmosphere of soothing music, such as, smooth jazz, a variety of tea and wine; we are also considering a move forward to alternative herbs. We have a licensed counselor and a massage therapist at hand for those that desire to have their concerns heard or need to relieve the stress of tired muscles. Another option for relieving stress is our active daily classes of Yoga & Zumba. In addition once a month we an event called, “Express ...view middle of the document...

1. Integrity is utilized at all times as you provide positive reinforcement. Because you play an integral part in the success of our business, we want you to enjoy the work you do and promote optimistic roles in the day to day activities, with co-workers and our customers. We want you to have fun, but we also want you to be professional.
a. You are expected to be on time and at your post to greet customers with a smile. If for some reason you cannot make your shift, you should ensure that the supervisor is given ample time to obtain a replacement or fill in. A three hour window of opportunity is requested. While working a four hour shift you may take a fifteen minute break, please ensure your position is covered. Since you are responsible for your entering your own time, please make sure it is entered at the beginning & end of your shift.
b. Distractions, such as cell phones, computers, Facebook, and fraternization, are not permitted while on duty. Cell phones should be kept on silent. The Client should be your focus.
c. Dress should be clean and is casual, however no jeans with tears in them, no blouses or shirts that are too revealing. Slacks are to be covering your buttocks, not showing them.
d. Tips are acceptable, however there to be no deceptive behavior to obtain those tips. Tips will also be reported in your end of day closeout, for appropriate reporting to the IRS.
e. Because we want the upmost respect in all situations, we are requesting, there is no unsolicited judgements or critiques spoken to anyone. We don’t know what kind of day someone may have had and speaking harsh words are not acceptable behaviors.
2. Accountability is a strong attribute to the added value of RRR. As an employee of Relax- Relate-Release:
a. We expect you to be responsible for your own words and actions. Because we are in the business of making people enjoy life, you should have the disciplined enough to provide positive words of encouragement. Use every minute as an opportunity.
b. Do not pawn off a task on someone else if it does not belong to you. If it belongs to another co-worker and they are available, ensure that they are personally notified in person, if not let them know of the need of assistance by note/email; get as much information as possible to assist the customer. Take all pertinent information down so that it is properly relayed.
c. Focus, focus, and focus on what you are doing, but enjoy what you are doing. If there is a minor mistake, chalk it up to experience and move on.
d. As an employee of RRR it is your duty to report any misconduct in the workplace. You are responsible for your own professionalism; ensure you make every effort to provide a positive image for yourself and for Relax- Relate-Release.
3. Confidentiality is key to the success of RRR. As an employee of Relax-Relate-Release:
a. You are expected to have the upmost confidence of all...

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