Code Of Conduct For Pharmacy Students ; Yay Or Nay?

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Pharmacy students, upon entering their institutions, have to abide by a code of conduct usually higher than other students following a different career path. Students specialising in law, marketing or accounting do not have to maintain the high standard of professionalism that pharmacy students have to demonstrate whilst in school. Students have deemed this set of rules unfair and professionals insist that it has to be maintained in order to fully understand the grasp of pharmacy as a profession. Personally, I understand the need to abide by these rules but also agree with other students that is not necessarily fair.
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It also has to be said that pharmacy, like all other health professions, has to be held with the strictest of conducts because to be fair, it is not the same as other professions. A mistake made in the banking world would probably cause a mistake in the balance sheet whilst a mistake made by a pharmacist might be as costly as a life. This does not mean that these professions are not as useful or important; it just adds more to the work of a pharmacist and on the importance to be competently skilled so much that there are no rooms for mistakes. So whilst it might be unfair that pharmacy students are punished for mistakes that might be made on a wild night out, it is not without reason that these disciplines are in place.
Pharmacy students are bound by the same professional, ethical and legal standings that pharmacists are bound by. This means that we have to follow the 6 principles that are laid down in the code of conduct by the REGULATORY BODY. The THIS COLLEGE code of conduct is an adaptation of the REGULATORY BODY code of conduct; this means that if we are bound by this now, then we find it easier to maintain this behaviour even when we are in practice. It also ensures that we not only acquire the knowledge and skill needed for practice but that we also obtain the professionalism and ethical integrity needed for high standard practice.
The code of conduct contains six core principles and these include: Acting in the best interest of the patient at all times, developing and maintaining a high level of competence, abiding by the ethical principles that govern patient care, conducting ourselves in a trustworthy and professional manner, the ability to recognise the importance of self-care and lastly, to be able to develop the skills to work on a multidisciplinary team. These are all principles that a pharmacist would have to abide by for the rest of their professional career. It is therefore reasonable that pharmacy students are exposed to these conditions from college days till we actually go into the profession.
These all buttress the points that have been made in the earlier paragraphs. The code of conduct is a summary of the professional, ethical and legal skills a student should acquire upon completion of the pharmacy degree. Take principle 1 for instance, the student has to act in the best interest of the patient at all times. This includes making sure that prescriptions are dispensed correctly, appropriate for the patient and ties in perfectly with the practice sessions from the dispensing that have been taught over the years.
The code of conduct clarifies why some of the activities that might have been deemed unnecessary or too strict by pharmacist. Activities such as reflective diaries, visits to hospitals or community pharmacies in proper dress codes, grand rounds all aim to improve both the professional and knowledge aspect of learning in school. These might have been met with criticism or shallow acceptance in first year when...

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