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Coconut Sugar Essay

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PROJECT TITLE: Coconut Sugar Production
PROJECT LOCATION: Poblacion, Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte

1. Background:

Coconut sap sugar is an emerging high-value product that gained popularity because of its health benefits. It has a very low Glycemic Index making it a great natural sweetener for diabetics and those with family history of diabetes.

Processing this novel product is an economic opportunity which can be feasibly operated at the Municipality of Mutia which is predominantly coconut planted-area and where our 4 hectare ancestral land is located.

2. Rationale:

The province of Zamboanga del Norte is predominantly planted to coconut trees being ...view middle of the document...

Freshness of the sap is a key factor to caramelization process, hence proximity of the source of raw materials to the processing plant should be considered. Our family will also provide the lot and labor for the processing plant.

The second phase, coconut sugar production, will start upon completion of the processing plant. Initially, it will utilize the coconut sap from existing coconut trees in the area while waiting for the Aromatic variety to mature.

4. Objectives:

General, this new business venture aims liberate our decades long of dependency on copra production through optimum utilization of coco-based resources.

Specifically, the project also aims to achieve the following:

a. Develop other coconut by-products into profitable and sustainable business ventures such as sugar, syrup, juice and etc.

b. Promote local employment by generating a number jobs on a regular basis.
5. Expected Project Benefits & Outcomes:

Two years after planting the Aromatic variety seedlings, it is expected to have reached its productive stage - bearing nuts and producing sap. Earnings from fresh sap per tree are estimated at P768.00 per month. Similarly, young nuts for buko juice will contribute a minimum of P150.00 per tree every two months. This addition is already a huge contribution and great advantage to the meager income from copra production being realized only every three months. More importantly, this venture will also create employment opportunities for the locales in the area.

6. Project Innovation

One of the major drawbacks of coconut sugar production is the sap collection. Using the dwarf Aromatic variety eliminates the dangers of tapping the inflorescence of tall coconut trees making it more convenient and hassle free. This motivates farmers to deliver fresh sap regularly to the processing center ensuring continuous production output.

Other than sugar, it is also recommended to process the sap collected early in the morning into syrup which proved to be just as sellable like its granulated form. Early morning sap had undergone fermentation which made it impossible to turn into sugar. So turning this rejected sap into syrup increased the economic value of every tree. Young nut from this variety is best also for commercial buko juice purposes being the sweetest and most flavourful among coconut varieties. Hence, farmers can earn from fresh saps and young nuts from every tree which leads to enhanced productivity and income.

Planting the Aromatic variety as the subsequent source of coconut sap for sugar processing is definitely an improvement of the present coconut sugar production which obviously is very cumbersome and dangerous.

B. Methodology:
a. Establishment of Coconut Aromatic Variety

This phase will cover the period from procurement of seedlings, land preparation and field planting to care and maintenance until fruit- bearing stage. The duration of these activities is approximately...

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