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Coca Cola Sustainability Report 2010/2011

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Coca-Cola Sustainability Report 2010/2011

Coca-Cola company 2010/2011 sustainability report offers a clear view on how the company views sustainability, their current suitability achievements and their goals for the future. The following analysis will highlight some of the positive attributes, as well as offer suggestions on areas of improvement.
Adding creditability and transparency to their reported information Coca-Cola utilizes third-party verification through the FIRA, standardized performance framework through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and visibility of its global business principles. This level of reporting and verification speaks to the point ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, although the report mentions the Coca-Cola System, there is no mention of fuel used by the upstream and downstream supply chain in regards to shipping.
With the limited length of this analysis, only one of Coca-Colas measures will be highlighted to illustrate their goal reporting structure. Within the Water Stewardship section, the company clearly states goals and current progress for water use efficiency, recycling waste water, replenishing water used, as well as risk mitigation efforts surrounding foreign communities with a short supply. One of the highlights in these areas includes returning water into the environment cleaner then they found it; a system which carries defined quality parameters that Coca-Cola has made claim to roll out to their bottling facilities world wide by the end of 2012. Not something that readily considered in the U.S., but for countries like Africa where 90% of the waste water is returned to the environment without treatment, this goes along way to helping the environment and communities. The report also covers in great detail the company’s affiliations and partnerships in the Water Stewardship arena. Arguably these connections have the opportunity to break down political barriers for continued growth, but the higher standards driven through these organizations help to define Coca-Cola commitment in support of their environmental objectives. As eluded in Accountability section, Coca-Cola has fallen short or is not on track to meet some of their stated goals. Although some reasoning was listed as to why, no...

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