Coca Cola Strategic Marketing Essay

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Part 1
1.0 Introduction 4
1.1 Customer Analysis 4
1.2 Market Segmentation 5
1.3 Competitor Analysis 6
1.4 Industry Structure 7
1.5 SWOT Analysis 8
1.6 Marketing Mix 9
1.6.1 Product 9
1.6.2 Price 9
1.6.3 Place 10
1.6.4 Promotion 10
Part 2
2.0 Introduction to New Soft Drink Product 11
2.1 New Soft Drink Description 12
2.2 Market Overview 13
2.3 Market Analysis 13
2.4 Marketing Mix 14
2.4.1 Product 14
2.4.2 Price 15
2.4.3 Place 15
2.4.4 Promotion 16-17

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. In order to reach target markets for the new product, it is the company responsibility to provide as many as they can including direct marketing, social media, and email marketing. Marketing mix is also necessary to market their in effective way. It is a strategic marketing gear so that how, where and who to market the product with great potential.

Part 1
1.0 Introduction
Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink that was invented in the year 1886. The idea of the invention is from Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. He makes the formula of Coca-Cola at his backyard. However, the name “Coca-Cola” was not established until it came from a suggestion by Frank Robinson, the bookkeeper of Dr. John S. Pemberton himself. It was first sold at the Jacob’s Pharmacy on May 8, 1886 and has spread throughout the world because of the taste is acceptable by society and a lot of people still drink it until today. The Coca-Cola brand indeed is the third ranking of the world global brands under Apple and Google and it has brand value of 54 billion dollars.

1.1 Customer Analysis
The main existence of the Coca-Cola Company is only to fulfill their consumer necessity. They will try to understand as possible the customer needs and producing what is best to them including of all ages, sexes and races. In today’s world, people are searching for a better lifestyle such as healthier lifestyle. They began to worry about their health when they are drinking Coca-Cola because the calories and sugar levels are very high. As a result of that, the Coca-Cola Company began to produce diet coke, which is the same taste as usual, but with low calories and sugar and various types of fruit juices as well. As the matter of fact, it is the middle and high-class people who can afford to do the all the buying. Due to the success of the Coca-Cola Company, they can minimize their weaknesses, maximize their sufficiency and expand in many countries. Moreover, people today buy a product based on the company’s ethics or social responsibility. It is the idea to shop for a better world. Due to the respect to the customers, the Coca-Cola Company shares for equal objectives with the customers who are attempting to preserve, the environmentally awareness.

1.2 Marketing Segmentation
Due to the difference of the consumer values, the Coca-Cola Company’s reaction is towards producing advanced goods for particular market segments. The company does not target specific market, but they adapt their possibilities to produce new product. They only assume that a customer could be their target or potential customer. Coke also can improve their sales without harming the other product that is under Coca-Cola Company. They have produced caffeine-free drinks, diet cokes and juices as well. This gives opportunity for the customer to choose if they want to skip on drinking Coke or reduce their caffeine intake. The outcome of this action is that although consumers don’t want...

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