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Coca Cola Marketing Channel Strategy Study In China

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Coca-Cola marketing channel strategy study in China
Chapter Coca-Cola Company's development in China
        Section the basic situation of Coca-Cola Company
        1. Coca-Cola and the company's produce
        Coca-Cola, the world's one hundred years the popularity of the wonderful liquid is from the United States in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia pharmacist John Dr. Peng Bodun (John S. Pemberton) in the backyard at home, will Carbonated water and sugar and other ingredients mixed in a triangle pot in the invention.
        "Coca-Cola" is the English name was Pemberton's assistant and partner in accountant named Robinson. Robinson is a classical calligrapher, he ...view middle of the document...

        2. Coca-Cola Company Status
        Coca-Cola Company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is currently the world's largest beverage company, is the world's soft drink sales market leader and pioneer in its own world's best-known of the four top five soft drink brands: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke , Fanta and Sprite. A total of more than 200 countries around the world and regions, consumers can enjoy the company locally to provide a variety of drinks. Coca-Cola Company's products have been the amount of the daily consumption of more than one billion cups. (Note: 8 ounces per cup)
        In 2001, the world-famous 'international brand' The consultants made the world's most valuable brand rankings, 'Coca-Cola' to 68.95 billion U.S. dollars tops. In November 2001, the famous global consumer behavior and market information to investigative bodies AC Nielsen released a research report 'Towards --- 1 billion in today's global brand recall'. The report shows that in the international market, only 43 consumer brands, with annual sales of more than one billion U.S. dollars, while achieving truly global. Among them, Coca-Cola ended in March 2001 in the past 12 months, the global sales of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, of which sales in the Asia Pacific region more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, can be said that 1 billion brand in the giant . And it's the Coca-Cola and Diet Coke brands themselves are up to 10 billion U.S. dollars. Coca-Cola beverages sold include four categories: the mouth as a trade mark of the carbonated cola beverage products; drinking water products; a caffeine and vitamin functional beverages; healthy and nutritious juice and milk beverage.
        To 2003, Coca-Cola Company has a total of more than 370 brands (Attachment: Brand schedules, data sources In addition to Coca-Cola, the other three major international brands and many other brands under the product packaging will state that 'Coca-Cola Company honor products' words. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola, this multi-brand strategy is based on the strong brand as the core, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta for second-line to protect the brand, other brands for the third line, to add brands, the formation of its brand family. The main advantage of this brand structure is the three-line brands have maintained a relatively reasonable distance of the brand, enabling them both mutual support and protection, one either prosperity; they can be appropriate to avoid the risk associated between the brand so to a loss for both sides.
        3. Coca-Cola Company's basic strategy
        Coca-Cola Company to its basic strategy summed up as 6, and follow the order in which they are as follows:
        1. Coca-Cola led to accelerate the growth of carbonated drinks;
        Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is the eternal theme, but also the basis for their business survival, therefore, maintain the carbonated beverage market, Coca-Cola and categories based on expanding the primary...

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