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Coca Cola Liquid And Linked Essay

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Case Study: Coca Cola “Liquid and Linked”

Executive Summary

Coca Cola first launched its “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia as a “one time, country-wide promotional campaign”. This campaign put popular Australian names on cans and bottles in order to persuade customers to purchase Coke with their names on them or buy their friend’s name and share it with them. The purpose behind this campaign is to make a global marketing platform where it can “harnesses the voice and creativity of the consumers” using technology.
This campaign is an example on Coca Cola shifted their marketing efforts from creative excellence to content excellence. The point of “content excellence” is to make ...view middle of the document...

In a modern world, there is an increased rate of creativity, which means that there are more consumer-generated stories that have outweighed brand-created stories. As Wendy Clark from Coca Cola's head of integrated marketing and communications once said “brands can’t buy their way to greatness anymore” as the market is constantly changing. In order to remain competitive, Coca Cola story-telling technique must change from “one-way” model to “two way” model. The problem with using the “one way” model is that it the love of Coke from consumers doesn’t translate into product purchase. With “two way” model, Coca Cola is able to “create content, conversation and experiences that inspire, ignite and build love for our brand, but that can ultimately be measured in terms of brand value and consumption”.

The first option would be for Coca Cola to launch “Share a Coke” campaign in the United States. As the case states, “Share a Coke” campaign is launched in Australia and received positive feedback from the consumers. Australia is a country that has a very diverse population, which is similar to the United States. Thus, I think that this campaign will be granted acceptance in the United States, as it is where Coca Cola originally comes from and also the huge consumers base. The campaign will make these customers to have better brand perception and increased loyalty, as they will feel special and a part of something big. However, Coca Cola also need to be careful in order to avoid some complexities that they face in Australia, such as the Muslim names or offensive words that are not socially acceptable.
The second option would be to do other marketing campaigns that fit their “Liquid and Linked” theme. For example, they can adopt the US version of “Hug Me” machine that they introduced in Singapore or even be creative with their “Small World Machine” that they introduced in India and Pakistan. The goal of Coca Cola...

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