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Coca Cola Company Essay

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Royce Echarry
Assignment 3

The Coca Cola Company is a global business that operates on a local scale, in every community where the company do business. There able to create a global reach with local focus because of the strength of Coca Cola System which comprises company and more than 250 bottling partners. The Coca Cola is not a single entity from legal or managerial perspective and the company does not own or control all of our bottling partners, while many view the company as simply Coca Cola the system operates through multiple local channels. The company manufactures and sells concentrates beverages bases and syrups to bottling operations, owns the brands and it’s responsible for ...view middle of the document...

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. The objectives of successful branding include; delivering the message clearly, confirming your company’s credibility, connecting to your target
prospects emotionally, motivating the buyer, and establishing user loyalty. for example, a soda company that offers a regular soda, a diet soda, a decaffeinated soda, and a diet-decaffeinated soda all under the same brand name is using a differentiation strategy. Each type of soda is directed at a different segment of the soda market, and the full line of products available will help to establish the company's name in the soda category. The second strategy there used is International marketing strategy is an important part strategic planning and consequently should be an area, this strategy is a significant factor in the performance of a global company because an effective marketing strategy for international Companies can represent a competitive advantage and therefore global executives need to recognize the importance level regardless if a global or customized marketing strategy is practiced. Furthermore, the marketing mix affecting markets abroad the most should be studied to comprehend how foreign markets function with different marketing strategies. International marketing strategy can be defined in many ways. International marketing strategy is the manner in which an organization performs based on a predetermined set of activities in order to plan, promote, price and distribute a good or service for a profit to consumers in various locations. Global vs Marketing Strategy when discussing international marketing it is important to point out the difference that may exist between international and global marketing. Global marketing can be characterized by an overall outlook of the market as a whole where there is a standardized manner to sell a product or service in all places. Standardization as a form of marketing strategy refers to the similarity of a set of practices implemented in the home and other foreign markets. Standardization strategy’s main elements are political legal, economic, competitive, cultural, and consumer, environments. Also, the same research states that this strategy is most likely to be implemented if there are similarities in the elements of the home and foreign country another concept that a firm with a strong level of standardization enjoys a high level of control within the organization. This control is the level of decision making executed by the home office. At the same time, when standardization applies, global image and product offering are two strong factors a firm seems to rely on. Conversely, international marketing relates more to different target markets and their differences rather than looking at it as one single...

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