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Coalition Essay

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To what extent have the parties involved in the conservative-liberal democrat coalition remained faithful since 2010 to their traditional principles and ideas. ( 25) (2012)
In 2010, Britain has its first hung parliament since Feb 1974. The Conservatives won the most seats (306) but this was well short of the 326 needed for an overall majority and the Liberal Democrats ended up with 57 seats, enough to provide the majority that parliament requires. Cameron immediately announced Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister and invited several Lib-dems in his government. They published a coalition agreement which set out the new government’s agenda for the next five years. Moreover, because it was an ...view middle of the document...

However, before the 2010 election , Cameron promised to protect spending on Education. Once in power, he announced that the Conservative Party would not support the building of any more selective grammer schools. This was controversial in the party as supporting selective education and the existence of grammer schools had long been seen as central policy of the party.
Moreover, the Liberal democrat party have kept to their traditional principles as they’ve delivered what they promised in terms of tax promises. They claiemed that they were going to support those on lower incomes by increasing personal income tax allowances for lower and middle income earners. A long-term aim was to take people earning less than 10,000 pounds a year out of the tax system. They introduced proposals to regulate the payment of bonuses to bankers and they have made proposals for the regulation of big banks. Moreover, the coalition has introduced quotas for non-EU migration. The parties agreed that this had to be the main priority. The coalition proposal was to work together to make the tax system fairer for the poorest. However the Liberal Democrats pledged in 2010 to tax the rich more by introducing a ‘mansion tax’. In office they supported a tax cut for the rich ( reduction of the top rate of income tax from 50% to 45% ) under pressure from the Conservatives who believed that such a cut would attract business to the UK and help save the British economy. This proves evident that the Liberal democrats aren’t as committed to helping the poor by charging more on the rich so the ultimately the poor become poorer which completely goes against their principles.
Moreover, the Conservatives display strong evidence towards committing to their traditional principles and this is through the view on Europe. The Euro-sceptic wing of the party has maintained its suspicion towards the EU and David Cameron has pledged to old a referendum on membership of the EU in 2017, if the conservatives are re-elected. They have a adopted a series of policy positions which are hostile or sceptical to the EU, whilst in power,despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats. Some members of the Conservtive party have remained more pro-European in their approach. However, David Cameron promised, during the 2010...

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