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Coaches Perspective: Preparing A Team For Success

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Kyle Pignatiello
Dr. Titlebaum
HSS 358
4 December 2013
Coaches Perspective: Preparing a Team for Success
In a world full of coaching changes, conference realignments, and program violations, there are many reasons why a team can be good one year but have a problem sustaining that success in the long term. Maintaining success in college football is difficult because there are many factors that could affect a team. New coaches get hired and existing ones get fired. With each coaching change, there is a chance for change in leadership, which in return could make a program worse or in some cases better. Also, college kids have to deal with their classes and have other off-field ...view middle of the document...

However, there is more to the game than x’s and o’s. All coaches should know how they train their football players off the field and in the weight room. Most importantly, how coaches lead their team by teaching them the game is critical in the way to prepare them for success.
For a team to be successful, a starting point is how the football players are being trained off the field. There are different aspects of off-field training, such as strength and conditioning and film review. A coach, should be knowledgeable of his or her your players in order to help them grow bigger, stronger, and faster. Some would argue that a coach would only need one plan because all football players are trying to grow bigger, stronger, and faster. Yet, this is the only partly correct. For maximal gains to be made, the workout program needs to be designed for each player’s specific position. Tyler Friedrick explained, “Essentially it comes down to the movements and demands that are put on each position when they are playing (Tyler, 2013)” The National Strength and Conditioning Association explains that there are three sections in evaluating a position. The three sections are movement analysis, physiological analysis, and injury analysis. Thomas Baechle says, “[Movement analysis] is body and limb movement patterns and muscular involvement. [Physiological analysis] is strength, power, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance priorities. [Injury analysis] is common sites for joint and muscle injury (Thomas Baechle, 2008).” Blair Mone states, “Once you determine what the key requirements are for the position, you design the program to fit those requirements (Blair,2013).” This means that a coach could have a defensive back and an offensive lineman both looking to be bigger, stronger, and faster, but their plans will be different because each position has different techniques on the field. Friedrick says, “Offensive linemen typically [should] have to push/pull heavier loads in their workout because in a game situation, they are pushing/pulling heavier people (Tyler, 2013).” Therefore when developing a workout plan, a coach would want a lineman to be lifting heavier loads with less repetitions than a defensive back. Thomas writes, “To increase strength, the athlete needs to handle loads of 85% of the one rep max (after warm-up) that typically allow performance of up to six repetitions per set …four repetitions per set with a corresponding load will be approximately 90% of one rep max (Thomas Baechle, 2008).” Lifting heavier weights will help increase strength but it also prepares the linemen on the field by helping their bodies get used to moving heavier loads. It is the same when it comes to conditioning. Defensive backs have more open field and therefore need to cover more ground, while lineman need to have quick feet. In essence, a lineman will have quicker short burst exercises where as defensive back will do more distance sprints with more change of directions. Tyler...

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