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Coach Carter Essay

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Coach Carter is based on a true story that happened in Richmond, California in 1999. It’s about a man who once played for the Richmond high school basketball team and he decides he wants to coach them. The players on his team have no respect and think they can do whatever they want. Timo Cruz is one of the main characters in this movie, he gets kicked off before Carter hands out his contracts and he quits once more during the season. Another main character is Kenyon Stone, he has struggles involving his girlfriend being pregnant and trying to go to college and play basketball there.
Carter gives out his a contract to all his players and he actually takes them seriously which the school doesn’t like because basketball is the only thing most of these kids have. This contract forces these kids to go to class and ...view middle of the document...

Keynon Stone gets his girlfriend pregnant and now has to plan out his life like whether or not he’s going to go to college to play basketball or stay home with his girlfriend and take care of the baby. He ends up talking to a college basketball coach and he said he can live off campus with his girlfriend and the baby but she ends up having an abortion without telling him.
Another social issue from Coach Carter was education. The fact that the parents couldn’t care less about there children’s education but instead only cared about them playing basketball. The parents and community protested outside of the gymnasium just so Coach Carter could unlock the gym. Coach Carter emphasized education because you can’t go anywhere in life without education. 5 of the players ended up going to college because Coach Carter made them care about their own education.
The last issue from Coach Carter was drugs. When Timo Cruz’ cousin died in a drug deal activity. It woke Cruz up that he wanted to do something with his life and stop being a dirtbag and he decided to go back on the team. It took a real man of Cruz to admit he had to get of the drug world to Carter This shows how drugs can really ruin someone’s life because it’s so hard to get away from them especially in a very bad neighborhood like Richmond.
Encouraging others to put education before recreation, Carter wants to leave a legacy. He wants players to see beyond their hoop dreams and see a future with endless options and possibilities. Playing high school basketball takes more than skill, perseverance, discipline and teamwork. Coach Carter knows how to take control and influence people. “Coach Carter” showed how serious it is to have an education while playing sports because at the end of the movie it showed where all the players went to college. They wouldn’t have had those educations if it wasn’t for Coach Carter. His goal was to make the players winners on and off the court and he did so.

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