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Co Op Training Essay

5883 words - 24 pages

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Prince Sultan College for Tourism & Business
Cooperative Training Report
FIN 490

Al Rajhi Bank

Prepared By:
Omar Jameel Ajeeb
I.D # 08122

Supervised By:
Dr. Rasheed Small

In Partial Fulfillment with the Requirements
Of Bachelor Degree in Finance



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1. Introduction & Objective

Praise to Almighty Allah for all his countless blessings and for always guiding me to the right path.

This report is about my training experience in Al Rajhi Bank as part of my Cooperative Training Program. The main subject of the report is the Credit Risk and the financial aspects related to it. Even if you are a hard worker with a sizable income and enough revenue to keep your family comfortable, at times your expenses might exceed your income and you might find need to seek a loan / credit to meet the sudden demand. Credit facilities are offered by the bank to deserving individuals or organizations who are looking for financial assistance and are generally able to provide guarantees that they can pay back the credited amount.

Credit facilities or personal finances can be used by individuals for any reason such as buying a house, car, paying for home repairs or remodeling, or any large purchases. Generally, banks have set terms and conditions which must be met by the individual who is applying for a loan. He will be asked to submit documents proving that he has a permanent address and income. The given amount depends upon the individual's income scale, mortgage value and credit balance.

Credit risk arises whenever a borrower is expecting to use future cash flows to pay a current debt. The risk of loss of principal or loss of a financial reward stemming from a borrower's failure to repay a loan or otherwise meet a contractual obligation.

So, the objective of this report is to focus on the credit risk involved with financing solutions at Al Rajhi Bank through my training experience for the completion of my coop report.

My objective as a student is to acquire practical experience on the operational, supervision and managerial levels in financial institutions or finance departments within different sectors. In my case, I have taken the training in Al Rajhi Bank at the Credit Department.

I have tried to link between what I have academically studied at the college and the practical actual experience I had in Al Rajhi Bank. Although there are certain procedures related to the bank's transactions with SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) which I have not got a chance to see academically but the general overall procedures are the same.

I have seen that credit risk is closely tied to the potential return of an investment, the most notable being that the yields on bonds correlate strongly to their perceived credit risk. The higher the perceived credit risk, the higher the rate of interest that investors will...

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