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Co Cultures In A Multicultural Society Essay

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Save the Last Dance is a film about a young high school girl, named Sara who is a ballet dancer. She had a dream to be in Julliard, which is one of the most prestigious schools of the performing arts. Her mother dies in a car accident on her way to see her daughter’s audition. Sara holds resentment towards her mother for not making her audition and blames her mother for her failure in the audition. Sara learns that her mother died on her way to the audition. She holds in a lot of guilt for the loss of her mother and blames herself for making her promise to be there for her, and in turn decides to give up on dancing all together. Sara ends up living with her father in Chicago and ...view middle of the document...

She decides that she needs to break up with Derek. While Derek is dealing trying to understand Sara’s reason for breaking up with him; he also has to deal with his friend Malaki. Malaki is involved in gang lifestyle; a life that Derek is determined to leave behind. Derek agrees to help Malaki with a drive-by shooting to get revenge after he plead and guilt him into it by reminding Derek that he went to jail for him. The drive-by attempt gets compromised and Derek comes to realization that he will never reach his dream to go to Georgetown University. Derek runs to meet up with Sara who is about to audition for Julliard again. He gives her encouragement right before the performance. The story ends with Sara getting accepted to Julliard, both she and Derek rekindle their relationship, and she returns to the dance club to enjoy the celebration with her friends.
The story brings racial issues to light in a multicultural environment at an urban Chicago high school. There is a self-identity in the story where the students are aware of their differences and that there is a distinction of the black students being the majority in the school. The story uses the two different styles of dancing as a medium of displaying how dance in different cultures can incorporate together to display creativity. According to Boyd (2004), “Dance styles are encoded with meanings that create, reflect, and embody cultural values, and dance is a medium through which agency and/or independence can be enabled” (p. 67). Sara uses dance as a medium to help her express herself and combine her newfound rhythm of Hip Hop to show that she has an open mind and welcomes change. It helped Sara get into Julliard.
The story presents cultural differences and...

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