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Cmi Personal Development Essay

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Amy Taylor
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Objectives are put in place for many reasons, to know what you are working towards or to have a focus on. The aim is to achieve these within a time frame with available resources. In general, objectives are more specific and easier to measure than goals. Objectives are basic tools that underlie all planning and strategic activities. They serve as the basis for creating policy and evaluating performance. At my place of work the businesses main objectives are to increase profit, reduce cost and to make processes more efficient, my personal objective ...view middle of the document...

Manual Handling | Enroll on a manual handling course | 2/3 month |
Time management | Work on managing time more better, delegate work in a timely manner | Within 3 weeks |
Hazardous substances | Arrange the company that deals with hazard training to come and give a demo | 1 month |
Dealing with Under Performance | Identify any areas of underperformance checked against set criteria | 1 month |
Performance Appraisal | Complete the organisations appraisal / review procedure | 2 weeks |

There are two different ways for reviewing progress; this can either be done in a formal manner or an informal manner. A formal manner will be through meetings and an informal manner could be by simply asking or judging. It is vitally important to review the PDP (personal development plan) against original objectives, by doing this you can see what has been achieved and what areas may need further improvement. I would try and aim to bring up smaller objectives in weekly meetings and also review them in delivery officers 1-2-1 meetings.
As a manager monitoring achievement is very important for everyone involved. It can help see where you and business is at with achieving their goals. A form of monitoring we use with in my work is a 1-2-1 meeting; we tend to use this for staff as we feel it is more of a relaxed method and more inviting. We like to do this once every 3 months and feel working on a timescale is important; this makes us aware what is going on in the period of time and also helps us evaluate any problem that we may face. By using this system we can see identify any targets that have been meet or have not been meet, we can also identify if any extra support is needed for staff to meet there personal development plan. It is also a good way the manager and the staff member can have a good working relationship and constructive criticism can be given if needed. Another way we like to monitor within Jersey Post is the PRA system (performance review appraisal).
Christmas round duties for causal staff | All round templates need completed and 1-2-1 sessions with drivers | Time consuming | 3 weeks. |
allocate Christmas temp staff to rounds | Source vans from fleet manager | Training may be put into place for drivers that do not know any areas | 2 weeks |
Transition of the customs held items to automatic from manual | Upgrade softwareMeet with IT to discuss options | Software upgrade not availableTime consuming | 4/6 weeks. |
It is important to produce a work plan in my work environment due to plans being able to change due to many factors. By producing a work plan I can set objectives and identify resources I may need. The work plan is designed to make the work easier to manage. It also helps manage time and can designate areas for special attention. Departments...

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