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ADT Inventory Management Solutions
ADT provides commercial and residential digital security, fire, and alarm monitoring services in over 35 countries. The organization has earned a large market share to the point where they cannot facilitate all of their customers’ needs. According to ADT (2013), the company’s official website states that, “ADT has been protecting America for over 135 years, and lead the industry in experience and guarantees”. The current inventory management system in place requires managers to manually-count products as they come in, store the product in any space available, and search specific products when needed. The shipping and receiving systems do not ...view middle of the document...

Project Description, Scope, and Management Milestones
The purpose of this project is to design an IT system for the ADT warehouse. Among the departments that will use the new system are inventory control group and shipping departments. The new system must be compatible with the existing system, allow the integration of the two departments, and seamlessly function separately. It should allow the restriction of information to individuals with special privileges in those departments. The company management has allocated a one-year period to complete the implementation of the new inventory management and shipping system. The management will oversee all aspects of the design, financing, implementation, and training.
Expected Benefits
When using the new system, both shipping and inventory departments will be able to look at the inventory levels for various items and anticipate current shipping requirements. The Inventory Control’s Receiving Department will receive advance-shipping notification (ACN) before inbound freight arrives at the docks. Receiving will also know what shipment quantities to expect, the carrier, and the drivers’ names.
Inventory Department will able to pull various customer orders efficiently and rush the inventory to shipping for verification, processing and freighting. After freighting the shipments, the shipping department will assign different freight carriers to pick up the consignments, and generate tracking numbers. Customers will then able to track their packages by signing in to a customer portal available to them from the company’s website.
Project Scope
The scope of the project involves determining the specific goals of the project regarding deadlines, quality, and cost. The system used by the inventory group is different from the one in shipping department. The inventory and shipping departments are also using outdated system software and hardware. The differences in compatibility are slow, time-consuming, and often frustrating due to unreliability. The software and hardware updates will ensure compatibility, efficiency, and improve speeds for order processing, verification, packaging, and freighting.
Applications in Scope
The company will design and use a web-based platform that allows easy access to inventory receiving, put away, part number and quantity look-up, bin inventory levels, red-alerts for overages, shortages, or missing or vendor discrepancies. According to "What Are the Software Development Life Cycle Phases?” (2012), “There are various software development approaches defined and designed which are used/employed during development process of software” (1). The shipping department will have access to customer shipping information such as mailing address, phone numbers, order quantities, order imbalances such as overages, shortages, wrong part numbers and SKUs, etc. The information systems used by inventory and shipping departments will allow integration so that the two...

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