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Cmgt 445 Application Implementation Case For Business Investment

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Kudler Fine Foods is a foods specialty store located in the greater San Diego area. The business was founded by Kathy Kudler with the intention of providing gourmet style preparation of meals for the everyday consumer. After opening the first store in La Jolla, Kudler has stood up two additional stores and is growing its loyal customer base. The original business plan developed by Kathy Kudler is built around expansion into marketable areas. The intent for the business is not simply focused on physical properties of business growth, but also information and knowledge properties relevant to marketing and customer mobility needs (Kudler Fine Foods, 2011).
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Kudler needs an inventory management system that tracks products sold and creates reorders when products in season reach their low limit. Currently, when products run low, there is no supply chain to bring more products until Kathy reorders. This scenario not only may leave an empty shelf, it creates customer disappointment and missed opportunity for increased revenue. In addition to the task of performing manual inventories and lack of connectivity between stores, Kathy must travel to other stores frequently to perform inventory.
Kudler Fine Foods needs to embrace new technology readily available in the world today to increase business productivity. The effect of IT on profitability is more pronounced than that of other discretionary expenditures, such as advertising and R&D. Notably, firms reap greater profitability gains through IT-enabled revenue growth than through IT-enabled operating cost reduction (Mithas, Tafti, Bardhanm & Mein, 2012). There are automated inventory tracking and ordering systems, better computer operating systems, and faster web connection devices. With the use of technology available, Kudler can become an efficient business; reduce manual labor, free up management personnel so they can work on improving the business and growing their customer base.
Proposed Solution
To meet the business technology needs of Kudler Fine Foods Team A has developed a brief overview of the capabilities and possible solutions associated with a viable transformation of Kudler Fine Foods as a business that fully integrates their business with the modern information marketing arena. The proposal can be separated into three areas of designation:

Kudler Fine Foods currently run their operations, including their website, digital storefronts, and their corporate domain between operation sites using archaic network connectivity. To facilitate the mobile and informational needs of the customer, and to improve operational performance and communication between stores, upgraded network capabilities are a must have item. Team A proposes that Kudler Fine Foods establish Small Business data services from the local Internet Service Provider. This effectively can increase the throughput and bandwidth of Kudler Fine Foods from 56k analog connections to proposed 15mb down and 15mb up capabilities over Small Business DSL or Fiber Channel. This would launch Kudler Fine Foods web capabilities with a bandwidth increase of 267% with an average increase of cost for most businesses using such services.
Store Integration
One dilemma Kudler Faces is its legacy capabilities in operating systems and domain architectures. Kudler Fine Foods currently uses decade old software at each of its sites. To increase the communications between each store and also to enhance the speed and capabilities of each worker it is proposed that Kudler Fine Foods implement mid-level laptops running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. The Novell Servers are over...

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