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Cmgt/442 Week 2 Essay

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Huffman Trucking Service Request
Huffman Trucking is in need of addressing possible security requirements as well as security risks within their Benefit Elections System. Throughout the report the security requirements and security risks for the Benefits Electronic System will be documented and addressed. A few of the risks that are involved with the Benefits Electronic System are errors that cannot be controlled, taking too much time to complete, not having a correct plan and most importantly support from the stakeholders. It is important that the Huffman Trucking current system is reviewed and documented so that risks can be documented as well as requirements. It is important that the ...view middle of the document...

Huffman Trucking needs to have their resources documented through some type of data diagram. The data diagrams will help in security risks. Any resources that are used throughout the project needs to be done between any systems dependencies and any outline dependencies. It is also important that any system testing that needs to be done is between the system entry points and third party software. The testing between these will show where there are any issues and then document them. Any security risks that are documented a team member will need to know how to handle the risk or the threat.
There will be a team member assigned to that asset each of the issues that are found within the system. It is important to make sure that the team member that is assigned to handle the risks is creative and is able to address the risks and threats the best possible way. Each team member needs to be trained in what to do if the system has been hacked into. They each need have an understanding of what information may be stolen from within the system. All systems can become a vulnerable target if the proper security is not used.
The risks that Huffman Trucking may face are defined as what risks are the weakest and what risks are the strongest. Huffman Trucking is a large organization so there risks may not be as high as risks from a smaller organization. The smaller organizations does not have the resources or the income of a...

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