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Cmgt 410 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Week 4 Individual Assignment
Michael J. Beard Jr.
June 18, 2012
Beth Shoults


To achieve success in implementing a project, it is essential to evaluate the project thoroughly. Project evaluation is a method to assure that every party involved within the project sticks with the objective until it is completed, and guarantee that precise expectations are met. Being Huffman Trucking’s evaluator, our company concentrates in certain aspects such as work authorization, project control, performance analysis, project cost, scheduling, and budgeting.
Week 4 Individual Assignment

As projects are completed, evaluations would still be ongoing bi-monthly in order ...view middle of the document...

Data collection and information reporting are by-products of project monitoring function. For additional review, these reports concerning the entire project execution is being turned over to the higher authorities. Evaluations of the company regarding funds and schedules would present results concerning the actual time and money used up.

Reports have a main objective of informing the entire involved individuals and sections about the project’s tangible and financial development. The project manager is responsible of communicating all the reports to the respected individuals of concern. For example, a report handed out to the upper management would include all the first hand information regarding the project’s recent development. As seen, reports are essential for the project’s progress and success which means that its preparation should be handled thoroughly and carefully. Reports can be delivered depending on the necessity or contract – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. As the project is being initiated, it needs frequent reports such as on a weekly basis. But as the project has become stable enough, a monthly report would do to provide an ongoing...

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