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Club It The Business Essay

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Club It the Business
Club It is a high-energy and hi-impact music venue. The owners are musicians and recent college graduates. Although the owners are experienced, entrepreneurs require additional resources to be successful. Below is a brief overview of the company’s mission statement and the clientele the owners market. In addition, Club It requires a competitive strategy to address areas of improvement. Below are few of the resources the company implements along with suggestions that can improve the business’ competitive advantage.
Company Mission
Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada (business administration graduates) opened a downtown music venue named Club It. Opening a nightclub ...view middle of the document...

The website provides a picture of the employee and includes a brief employee biography.
Although the employee has adequate resources on the Internet, the members’ website requires additional development. The organization’s site is not competitive and the information referenced is minimal. Employee and clientele information resources should have separate sites. Although the employee portal is password driven the information should not be accessible on the members’ site that increases potential security issues. The site shows the club layout, the itinerary for the bands and the genre of the month, but the site excludes options to purchase merchandise online. Integrating a site to purchase concert tickets and company’s merchandise online will contribute to additional revenue for the organization. Club It is interested in expanding the member’s website. The ideal access will include blogs, a reward programs with the cost associated with the rewards. In addition, an excellent additive to the organization is a modernized accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources information system.
Strategies for Competitive Advantage
Club It has renovated the music venue; however, the information systems is not competitive with other entertainment establishments. Currently, employees are submitting supply orders through the company’s website, but the system is not monitoring the inventory along with current supply orders. Monitoring supply inventory is imperative to prevent excessive ordering, which affects profits. Club it should invest in an efficient procurement system related to inbound logistics, quality, and production control. Human resources is another area of development. Employees are using the same website as the clientele. This procedure subjects the company to numerous security risks and human resources violations. The Porter’s value chain model addresses five competitive strategies that will benefit the club’s operations, marketing, and customer service departments. ...

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