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Club It Part One Essay

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Club IT: Part One
Club IT is a 6,000 square foot venue that provides music, dancing and a casual dining, experience for customers who desire to have a fun, and entertaining experience. Lisa and Ruben, co owners of Club IT are both business degree graduates who both seem to have a passion for music and they have began to realize their dream of opening up their own music venue. They recently remodeled Club IT and added booths and table setting in addition to bar seating and now have the ability to seat two hundred twenty guests, and with their 600 square foot dance floor, they provide plenty of space for dancing. Beyond your traditional bar, Club IT not only offers beverages but also offers ...view middle of the document...

There are several highly useful areas in regard to how Club IT uses their information resources. One good example is the employee portion of the Club IT website. Each employee has the ability to access their profile. In it they will find much of their personal information such as their hours and tips accrued toward their next paycheck, accrued vacation, and sick leave, and any bonuses they may have coming to them. They also have access to many different forms accident reports, payroll direct deposit requests, and bus pass purchase forms. Another great feature is the online availability to the employee handbook which, no doubt, provides the company mission statement and the rules that clearly define the actions that reinforce the mission statement. Lastly, other manuals are offer online that encompass health and safety of the staff and customers.
Although this site seems to be well appointed there are some things that Club IT could improve on. One of the first things that should be update is the Club IT website itself. While the information is useful to the end user the format, or they way it is presented, looks like...

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