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Club It Part 3 Essay

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Final Project: Club IT, Part 3
Wayne G. Hatfield
Shenise L. Soto

Club IT, owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, is a fresh, hot night club located in the center of downtown Chicago. It is a hotspot for people to come and enjoy food, drinks, and local concerts. When Ruben and Lisa designed this night club, they began to think how they could attract more than just night club customers. By implementing a good ethical standard for new businesses, Ruben and Lisa made this business a Web base business. Customers can register online and place their orders ahead of time. Also they can pre-register for upcoming concerts, upcoming events, and receive a discount.
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The intention of this upgrade is to improve the quality of the work of the employees. Also, it may help improve the customer’s experience. When a consumer comes into a high energy, downtown nightclub, they are expecting a certain type of experience. With the upgrades that are possible to implement, Ruben and Lisa get just that. With Ruben and Lisa being musicians, they have the background to know what it takes to run a business. They understand what clients want and desire on an entertainment side. However, they seem to struggle on the technical side. They need to concentrate on information technology, marketing, and data management to boost sales. They can do this while keeping in mind the business motto offer you live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle.
With technology being so advanced since the year 2000, all businesses should embrace it more than push it away. So if Ruben and Lisa had the chance to change Club IT over to computerized ordering in the bar area and restaurant area, they should be very excited and welcome it with open arms. One program they could use is called Prontoforms. This application allows companies to use their AT&T device to eliminate the use of paper forms. This device would allow a waiter or waitress to take an order right in the device by tapping the screen. This will send a message right back to the bar with the table number and their order. The waitress can then collect the payment for their order by simply swiping a credit or debit card right on the phone device. Then the consumer just signs the tablet and enters their email address. The receipt is emailed to them and then they are logged in as a member. This device works on a cloud base solution so no server is needed. The benefits for Prontoforms are improved customer service and faster service to customers, which means more money for Club IT. Real-time data and reporting everything has a time stamp on it, so there is never a question on when or where your staff is or how fast they are working.
Also, Prontoforms have the ability to maintain all of Club IT’s employee time sheets, employee records, health forms, and medical information. In addition, because everything is data entered, it can be changed and updated at any time. For timecards, this eliminates messy handwriting, fraud, and incorrect time punching.
Another device that could be introduced to Club IT is one called Intuit. When people shop they do not always have cash on hand, so this is when Intuit comes in handy. A representative could come in and explain, to the entire staff, that with this device called Intuit, customers coming into the store could look around, and if they wanted to purchase they could do it with Intuit.
This would also capture new customers into our database, which would increase their network, therefore making their business more successful. Another way to measure the return on investment is ROI. ROI measures management effectiveness...

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