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Club It, Part 1 Essay

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Club IT Part One Paper
Club IT is a new hot spot music venue in downtown’s city nightlife. Club IT is Northern California’s hottest new club to hit the bay area.   Club IT brings a LA nightlife ambiance to its visitors.   Owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, have become the talk of local event magazines.   With the extensive remodeling Ruben and Liza have put into Club IT, transforms the club scene in the downtown area.   With its high ceilings and its high tech energy lighting creates an illuminating lounge setting and dance venue at the same time.   Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada are current musicians themselves, which brings musical background to the club.   Not only with his and her musical talent, Ruben and Liza completed studies in Business Administration in 2005.   With the extensive background in business administration, Ruben and Lisa were able to open the club of their dreams.
Ruben and Liza have extensive background in business administration and music, however, are in need ...view middle of the document...

During names first visit at Club IT that Friday evening, gave names a chance to evaluate the club, get a feel for the environment, the setting, and its alluring vibe.   name best intentions are to analyze the type of cliental the club attracts and what could create a more competitive advantage...

  One of the most rewarding ways to earn an income is by doing something you have a passion for.   This paper is going to discuss Club IT’s mission, target clientele, and provide Information technology solutions and how to adapt them to increase customer retention as well as enhance each clients experiences at Club IT.   Using a combination of   operational effectiveness and customer orientation will be utilized to bring about the above mentioned solutions.
Implementing Stragtegy with IT
  Amazon has some creative ways to enhance the customer relationship through their wish list which offers lots of options.   Since the primary objective of this organization is to network with the community in a fashion that brings unity of purpose or brings together music lovers and dancers with those who drink and eat a wide variety of foods.   Let’s ensure that all attendees of Club It are somehow identified and given the opportunity to describe what they would like at Club IT.   For instance, there could be Club IT Id cards with scanned information as to the custom desires of each attendee that could be customized from a personal login website full of options.   Employees would have instant access to what attendees desires are as they walk in and could issue Id cards based off the website and then scan their card for entry each night they visit.   Certain days of each month that could be scheduled according to Club IT attendees music desires and type of dance a week in advance using an online preview and voting process.   And, attendees could also order foods a week in advance online using an automated website.   Or a client could place their respective orders via text and have a response immediately as to the availability of seats in booths, the bar, and how long the wait will be.
Dell online has some great choices for upgrading Hardware and other computer needs.   I would recommend that Club It purchase eleven Dell Studio One 19 desk tops with built in...

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